[How to do yellow peach allergy]_How to deal_How to deal with

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[Can you eat lamb with heavy moisture]_ Eat mutton_ Can you

[Can you eat lamb with heavy moisture]_ Eat mutton_ Can you

There are many people with heavy body moisture. Regardless of the cause, the body’s moisture needs to be actively adjusted. If the humidity is not adjusted in time, it will cause a lot of diseases. The humidity is actively adjusted.At the same time, you also need to know about your diet. Lamb is a very common meat in life. The nutritional value of mutton is very high. Many people like to eat mutton.

Can we eat mutton under heavy humidity?

Body moisture reconsideration may be caused by spleen deficiency, and it is recommended that you have experienced Chinese medicine to adjust for yourself.

Guidance, people with heavy moisture can usually eat mutton, mutton heat, which is good for anemia, weak constitution, malnutrition, etc., but don’t overdo it.

What to do if the humidity is heavy, it is necessary to maintain ventilation in the room. If the humidity in the room is heavy, it is recommended that you can turn on the fan air conditioner so that these appliances can maintain the convection of the air.

In summer, many people stay in a closed air-conditioned room for a long time and rarely sweat, so everyone needs to do more exercise. Sweating is the best way to dehumidify. It can also relieve stress and accelerate the discharge of moisture. It is recommended that everyoneYou can try running, walking, yoga, and other sports to help blood circulation and increase water metabolism.

Everyone needs to add more foods that have spleen and diuretic effects, like mung beans, barley, winter melon, lentils, and amaranth, etc., mainly to promote the metabolism of the human body, reduce the burden on the human stomach and stomach, and at the same time can achieve spleen and dehumidificationEffect.

The generation of moisture in the human body has a very strong relationship with the living environment. If you are often in a cold and see-through environment, moisture will easily invade your body, so do not sleep directly on the floor.

Due to the heavy humidity of the floor, it is easy to cause the symptoms of sore limbs in the human body. Do not wear clothes that are not wet on top and bottom. Be sure to wipe your body and dry your hair after bathing.

Can we eat mutton under heavy humidity?

It can be eaten because mutton is hot and it just removes moisture from the body. It must be eaten in moderation, not every day. It is bad for the body if it is eaten every day.

As long as you pay more attention to your own body, this situation will not happen.

[Can sugar be used in ginger syrup]

[Can sugar be used in ginger syrup]

If you just want to drink ginger sugar water, you can use white sugar, but if you are cold and want to drink some ginger water to warm your body, it is best to choose brown sugar. The nutrients in brown sugar can play a stomach warming effect, and brown sugarIt contains a variety of nutrients such as trace elements and folic acid. Frequent supplementation can also make the skin better, especially during the menstrual period, you can drink more brown sugar water, preferably in the morning.

The nutritional value of brown sugar: 1, glucose, fructose and other monosaccharides and multiple types of energy substances contained in brown sugar can accelerate the metabolism of skin cells and provide energy for cells.

2. Folic acid and trace substances contained in brown sugar can accelerate blood circulation, increase blood volume, stimulate the body’s hematopoietic function, expand blood volume, improve local skin nutrition, oxygen, and water supply.

3. Some of the vitamins and electrolytes contained in brown sugar can balance the water-liquid metabolism of the internal environment of the cell by adjusting the concentration of certain substances between tissues, exclude cell metabolites, and keep the internal and external environment clean.

Extended information: Try not to drink brown sugar ginger water at night. The best time for brown sugar ginger water is in the morning, because in the morning, it can better exert the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach.

Ginger is a yang food, and the human body should nourish the yin at night. If you lie down with brown sugar ginger water at night, it will be counterproductive. It is especially forbidden to go to bed before going to bed, because it is easy to cause fire, easily cause excitement and stimulate nerveAffects the quality of sleep.

[Can beef and spinach be eaten together]_Spinach_Eat together

You are free to go to the top of the chain. You can choose any one you want. You can do it at the same time. You can do it at any time. You can do it anyway. You can do it anyway.This is the best way to do it: ﹁ 咄 勬 槸 杸 欎 梱 cre 嶉  鐗 ╁ 浜 揤 珤 繤 銆 銆 珽 現 現 珤熺枟鏁堟灉銆備换浣曢鐗╅兘鏈変竴浜涢ギ椋熺蹇岄渶瑕佹敞鎰忥紝姣斿涓€浜涢鐗╃浉鍏嬬瓑锛岀墰鑲夊拰鑿犺彍涔熶笉渚嬪锛岄偅鐗涜倝鍜岃彔鑿滆兘涓€璧峰悆鍚楋紵1.鍙互涓€璧峰悆鐗涜倝涓庤彔鑿滀箣闂达紝鏄病鏈夊啿绐佸拰鐩稿厠鐨勪綔鐢紝鏄彲浠ヤ竴璧烽鐢ㄧ殑銆傛敞鎰忎紤鎭紝淇濊瘉鐫$湢锛屽姞寮洪敾鐐硷紝澶氬枬娓╂按锛屾竻娣¢ギ椋燂紝鐗涜倝涓庤彔鑿滄槸鍙互涓€璧烽鐢ㄧ殑锛屼笉蹇呮媴蹇冦€?。劺 倍 倗 怜 倝 倝 Tie Gui’s fine paintings?鑿犺彍4涓わ紝鍏嶆不鐗涜倝6涓わ紝涓婃堡3鏉紝铔嬬櫧2鍙噺銆傞厤鏂欙細 璋冨懗鏂欙細绯栥€佺洂鍚?/ 2 Gong 診 樺 宠 Adorable?Do you want to press 姹 ゅ 餆?℃ ℃ 霮 揂 揙 掂 揙 璺 铺 蒙 侸 紑 嫑 姘 村 悇 2 姹 ゅ 覆 銆?鍋氭硶锛氳彔鑿滄礂鍑€鍒囩锛岀墰鑲夌敤鍛虫枡鎷屽寑銆傜叜婊氫笂姹わ紝鍔犲叆鐗涜倝鐓害涓€鍒嗛挓锛屽姞鍏ヨ彔鑿滃啀鐓粴銆傛妸鑺℃眮鏂欐悈鍖€鎱㈡參鍊掑叆姹ゅ唴锛岀叜鑷冲井绋狅紝 鍔犲叆鎵撳寑鐨勮泲鐧芥悈鍖€璇曞懗鍗虫垚銆?.鐗涜倝鑿犺彍姹ゆ妸鑳¤悵鍗滃垏鎴愭枩鑺辩墖锛岃懕澶村幓鑰佺毊鍒囦笣锛屾斁鍦ㄥ櫒鐨垮唴鍔犻粍娌广€侀鍙躲€佽儭妞掔矑鐒栧埗锛屼腑鐏?5鍒嗛挓锛屽緟鐒栧埌鍗婄啛鏃跺姞鐣寗閰便€傝彔鑿滄礂鍑€鐢ㄥ紑姘寸劘杩囷紝鍒囨垚1.5鍘樼背闀跨殑娈点€傚湡璞嗗幓鐨垏鎴愭斁鍣ㄧ毧鍐咃紝鍔犵墰鑲夋堡鐓箣锛岀瓑鍦熻眴鍏垚鐔熸椂锛屽姞鍏ョ剸濂界殑鍦熻眴銆佺墰鑲夈€佽儭钀濆崪銆佽懕澶达紝涓嬬洂銆佽儭妞掔矇銆侀唻绮俱€佹煚妾眮锛岃皟濂藉彛鍛炽€傞鐢ㄥ墠鏀惧叆鑿犺彍锛屼腑鐏?It ‘s the best way to get rid of the sea sores, and it ‘s so hard to eat. It ‘s a bit of a problem. It ‘s a bit of a chatter. It ‘s a whisper.What is the difference between the two?

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Zhengbang Technology (002157): Non-public offering officially approved to help companies seize cycle opportunities

Zhengbang Technology (002157): Non-public offering officially approved to help companies seize cycle opportunities

Event: On the evening of June 18, the company issued an announcement: The application for non-public issuance of shares was approved by the CSRC, and it was valid for 6 months from the date of approval of the issuance.

  Air Force, the company has announced on May 10 that it has been approved by the CSRC. This time, it has received the formal written approval document from the CSRC.

  The core point of view is to increase the number of batches by one billion, which will help expand the production capacity of pigs.

The company has been approved for non-public offering of no more than 4.

6.8 billion shares, with plans to raise no more than 9.

USD 9.3 billion, the subscriber is Jiangxi Yonglian Agricultural Holdings (a major shareholder, the company’s actual controller controls the company), the risk of failure is small, and the funds raised will be mainly used for Lieshan.

60,000 sow breeding grounds, Yucheng 3.

Two projects of 20,000 sow breeding farms and repayment of about 5.

500 million bank loans.

After the completion of the fixed increase, the restructuring company’s pig breeding scale expansion plan will be accelerated. Based on the calculation of 20 pigs per commercial pig that can only propagate sows, the increase of approximately 960,000 pigs corresponding to commercial pigs will be increased; reset, currentlyThe company’s operating leverage is high, and the company’s asset-liability ratio will decrease by about 2 after the loan is repaid.

59 fines to reduce pressure on financial costs.

  The 19H2 pig price upward will accelerate, and the medium-term high price is expected to exceed expectations.

On the upward space of prices, as of June 14, the average price of live pigs in 22 provinces and cities in 2014 was 14.

06 yuan / kg, the range is temporarily +17.

8%, and with the recovery of the 19H2 consumer end, prices will accelerate. With reference to the impact of pig throughput in 2015 on pig prices, the increase in breeding PSY in recent years, and the impact of consumption substitution, it is estimated that the pig price in 2019 will rise to 25% in the upward range.-40%, or 15.


8 yuan / kg, the highest price may break through 20 yuan / kg in stages.

In terms of the duration of high pig prices, we believe that the duration of this round of high pig prices will exceed expectations, mainly based on two aspects: 1) Small and medium-sized farmers lack the confidence to fill the pen.

  ”African swine fever” since August 2018 has been the main driving force for the acceleration of this round of pig production. The core of the follow-up supplementation of live pigs is the epidemic situation, but because small and medium farmers lack the ability to prevent and control the epidemic, their disease has not been obtainedControllable and preventable background, lack of confidence to fill the fence.

In terms of data verification, according to the data of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the sow population in May could be -4.

1% for one year -23.

9%, since October 2018, the inventory year extension has continued to intensify, and no stabilization has been seen; 2) The short-term and medium-scale breeding households will supplement the pen, which will not cause severe pressure on pig prices.

At least, taking 2017 as an example, the top five markets in the industry accounted for 佛山桑拿网 only about 5%, and the supply impact of large-scale pig farms was not as great as expected; large-scale capital investment in the construction of large-scale pig farms was large, and the 2018 pig priceThe low level leads to limited retained earnings of ordinary pig companies, and it is not a financing channel for listed companies, and generally lacks scale to expand production capabilities.

  Benefiting from the short-term rise in pig prices, the replenishment of pens in the medium-term recovery, high growth in feed performance can be expected.

The company’s feed business is dominated by pig and poultry feed, of which pig feed revenue accounted for about 70% in 2018.

We believe that the feed business has a good opportunity to accelerate during 2019-2020: in the short term, there is a consistent feature of changes in pig feed prices and hog prices. Changing the hog price cycle upwards will drive high growth in pig feed performance; in the medium term, it is coming soonThe “African swine fever” caused serious de-allocation of production capacity, and later large-scale breeders supplemented the pens, which was the basis for the demand for pig feed. At the same time, it was beneficial to the expansion of large and medium-sized feed producers by large feed manufacturers.

  Earnings forecast and rating: For the time being, we will not consider the impact of non-public issuance, and continue to exceed the expected situation of de-capacity production. We will raise the company’s earnings forecast. It is expected that the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 will be 1.

20 yuan, 3.

11 yuan and 1.

57 yuan, currently corresponding to the 2019-2021 price-earnings ratio of 15 respectively.

6 times, 6.

0 times and 12.

0 times, giving the company a “cautious recommendation” rating.

  Risk reminders: epidemic situation of downstream aquaculture, impact of natural disasters; price fluctuations of upstream corn, soybeans (soybean meal); fluctuations in hog prices; agricultural policy risks.

Institution, hot money confrontation garbage classification concept Zhang Jian Equal seat frequent

Institution, hot money confrontation garbage classification concept Zhang Jian Equal seat frequent

Institutions, hot money confrontation garbage classification concept stocks, “Zhang Jianping”, “Chengdu Gang” and other seats to replace the existing garbage classification is in full swing, A-share market, “junk” concept stocks are also hot.

  On June 25, the waste sorting concept stock YTO shares (601038.

(SH) Routine upside, recorded 7 consecutive boards, reported 11.

87 yuan.

Hong Kong First Tractor Stock (0038.

HK) also rose for 7 consecutive days, up nearly 30% in the last 7 trading days, to 2.

25 builds.

  The rest of the waste classification and environmental protection stocks also performed well.

Chinese Teana (000035.

SZ), Green Power (601330.

(SH) daily limit, Ryoma Sanitation (603686).

SH) Increase by 4.

55%, China Reinvestment Ring (600217).

SH), Tianqi shares (right protection) (002009.

SZ) rose by 3.

07%, 2.


  What’s interesting is that, unlike the previous monopoly on hot money hype, the junk concept stocks have soared, and institutions have also participated in it, showing a number of well-known hot money and institutional duels.

  Hot patronage “Zhang Jianping” and “Chengdu Gang” faced a surge in patronage. On the evening of June 25, YTO shares suggested risk weighing. The main business of the existing company has not changed. The main products are full-scale agricultural production.The series of wheeled and tracked tractors, non-road diesel engines and key components, do not involve businesses related to waste classification.

The sanitation vehicle products such as Dongfanghong garbage compression transfer station and compression garbage truck produced by the company’s controlling shareholder, YTO Group, have nothing to do with the company.

  YTO shares also ranked on the list because of the 20% change in the closing price increase within three consecutive trading days.

The data shows that the total turnover for the day was 5.

7.5 billion yuan, buying on the Dragon Tiger List is 9191.

460,000 yuan, the sales amount is 1.

2.1 billion yuan.

  The unreasonable spike is clearly related to the hype.

Among the top five in the list, the well-known hot money “Zhang Jianping” Guotai Junan Securities Shanghai Jiangsu Road bought 1539.

740,000 yuan, ranking third.

On the 19th and 21st, the well-known hot money Huafu Securities Lianjiang Danfeng East Road appeared twice in the top five list.

  It is obvious that the well-known hot money “Zhang Jianping” seems to have a crush on junk stocks. On June 25, another seat of “Zhang Jianping” CITIC Securities’ Hangzhou Yan’an Road Sales Department appeared in the top five list of China Teana to buy.Out of 711.

770,000 yuan.

Of course, China Tianmao suffered from Shenzhen Stock Connect seats, institutional seats were sold, and 1016 were sold.

830,000 yuan, 821.

210,000 yuan.

  China Re-Zhonghuan rose sharply for three consecutive days from June 19th to 21st, and its Dragon Tiger list showed a confrontation between hot money and institutions.

  On the 21st, the seats of the two institutions respectively bought 3,618.

930,000 yuan, 2242.

060000, ranked first and fourth; “Chengdu Gang” Huatai Securities Chengdu Shujin Road, the well-known hot money Huafu Securities Xiamen Hubin South Road bought 2945 respectively.150,000 yuan, 2300.

670,000 yuan, ranking second and third.

  However, in the reselling list of China Resources Capital, two more institutional seats appeared, selling 6,116, respectively.

610,000 yuan, 5797.

450,000, ranked first and second; veteran hot money Guoxin Securities Shenzhen Hongling Middle Road sold 3222.

230,000 yuan, ranking fifth.

  The well-known hot money “Chengdu Gang” also favored junk concept stocks. On the 24th, its seat was Huatai Securities’ Shujin Road to buy 1007.

970,000 yuan ranked Yiqiu Resources (right protection) (601388.

(SH) The Long Tiger list bought first; on the 21st, another seat of the “Chengdu Gang” CITIC Securities (Shandong) Zibo Branch bought 1309.

850,000 yuan appeared Enlightened Sand (000826.

SZ) ranked third in the Long Tiger Ranking. On the 20th, another seat of the “Chengdu Gang” CITIC Construction Investment Securities Co., Ltd. sold the South First Ring Road to 5907.

960,000 yuan appeared in Boteng shares (300,363.

SZ) Dragon Tiger List.

  Institutional seats also appeared in the Enlightenment Sands and Botten Shares list.

On the 21st, Enlightened was sold by the agency for 12.3 million. On the 20th, while encountering the hot money “Chengdu Gang” fled, the agency bought Boteng shares 1257.

760,000 yuan.

  New potential of environmental protection sector The growth of this round of waste classification concept stocks comes from the strong promotion of policies.

  On the surface, according to the Xinhua News Agency, the revised draft of the Solid Waste Pollution Environment Law was first submitted to the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on the 25th.

The draft has a special chapter on “Supplement of Environmental Pollution by Domestic Garbage”.

The draft proposes that the state promote the classification system for domestic waste.

Local 上海夜网论坛 people’s governments at or above the county level adopt a classification method that is in line with local conditions, and speed up the establishment of a garbage disposal system that separates and distributes, collects, transports, and treats domestic garbage to achieve effective coverage of the garbage classification system.

  Although the growth of the above stocks has speculation, it is not without investment logic.

  Shanghai Securities reminded that the recent frequent garbage classification policies, the impact of the advancement of waste classification on the solid waste industry’s entire industrial chain extension, the improvement of the front-end collection and transportation system, and the opening of the wet waste treatment market are also the basis for the subsequent development of a circular economy.

The high 深圳桑拿网 degree of prosperity of the segment continues, and the development of the solid waste industry chain is accelerated under the promotion of waste separation and classification. The track waste kitchen waste treatment market is divided, and the resource recovery and utilization field promotes the rapid opening.

  Guolian Securities believes that in the future, we can continue to seize opportunities from the main lines of performance and environmental work focus.

In the monitoring sector, garbage treatment, hazardous waste disposal, and soil remediation, under the background that the industry’s prosperity is still high, the driving force of performance will still be maintained. We continue to be optimistic about the performance of related companies in this field.Han blue environment, Longma sanitation and high energy environment.

Hangyang (002430): Air separation equipment and industrial gas jointly help develop new levels

Hangyang (002430): Air separation equipment and industrial gas jointly help develop new levels

This report reads: The company is vigorously developing the industrial gas business based on air separation equipment. The current downstream prosperity is still high. The company’s performance is expected to maintain steady growth, and it will be covered for the first time.

Investment points: Conclusion: The company’s air separation equipment and industrial gas two-wheel drive, the future prosperity of the industry will continue.

The company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 0.

84 yuan / 0.

94 yuan / 1.

06 yuan, referring to the industry’s average assessment level, giving the company 22 times PE in 2019, corresponding to a target price of 18.

48 yuan, the first coverage, given an overweight rating.

Air separation equipment and industrial gas sales are the two main engines for the company’s development.

① The company’s sustainable air separation equipment started, in order to expand the downstream expansion impact and expand business space, it 武汉夜生活网 continued to extend to industrial gas sales. At present, the scale and profit of industrial gas sales have exceeded the air separation equipment business;Profits maintained high growth, with revenues of 64 during the period.

5.2 billion yuan, 79.

10,000 yuan, an annual increase of 30.

57%, 22.

48%, net profit attributable to mother is 3.

6.1 billion, 7.

41 trillion, a year-on-year increase of 228%, 105%; ③ Air separation equipment revenue in 2017-2018 increased 65%, 53%, gross profit margins were 25.

99%, 24.

85%; Industrial gas sales revenue will increase by 19% and 14% respectively in 2017-2018, with gross profit margins of 20 respectively.

66%, 23.


Although the gas business has the slowest growth rate relative to equipment, it contributes to the overall profit growth because of the high proportion of revenue and the increase in gross profit margin.

The downstream boom is still going on, and there is only room for growth in the future.

In 2017, the scale of China’s industrial gas market has reached 1200 ppm, and the average annual variable has stabilized at 8% in the past five years. At present, the scale and conversion rate of the industrial gas industry and per capita gas consumption are still at a level, only 1/26 of the United States.Less than 1 / 20th of Western Europe and Australia, and there is a gap with South American and Eastern European countries. In the future, the incremental space to continue to break through, the domestic industrial gas industry is currently in the growth cycle.

Catalyst: Rising industrial gas prices.

Risk factors Intensified competition in the industry With the development of air separation equipment to be extra large and large, the company will directly compete with international challenges on multiple projects, and the internal competition in the industry will become more intense.

The company’s industrial gas business has reached a certain industrial scale. At present, companies in the industry are in the stage of accelerated expansion and accelerated layout. Therefore, competition on some key projects will be extremely fierce.

Gas price fluctuation risk The company’s gas retail business sales volume and price fluctuations will directly affect the company’s profit level. The retail gas sales volume and sales price are determined by the market supply and demand relationship. Therefore, through changes in the market environment, there is a price for the gas retail business.The risk of fluctuations, thereby affecting the company’s operating efficiency.

Risks of policy changes The company’s operations are closely related to the market needs of downstream industries-steel, chemical, coal chemical and related fields. The country’s macroeconomic policies and changes in industrial policies will have an impact on the development of the company’s downstream industries, thereby affecting the company’s air separation.Development of equipment business and gas business.

Yuantong Express (600233) 2018 Annual Report Review: Costs Downward as Scheduled, Still Midway

Yuantong Express (600233) 2018 Annual Report Review: Costs Downward as Scheduled, Still Midway

This report reads: In the fourth quarter of 2018, Monarch Transport’s judgment on Yuantong’s express delivery costs accelerating downward was confirmed in the annual report, and the company achieved an unexpected growth in profits; in 2019, Yuantong is still halfway through.

Investment points: Maintain target price and maintain overweight rating.

Yuantong Express’s “Transportation + Transit Cost” in 2018 decreased by 11.

4% is a preliminary result of exceeding expectations.

In 2019, we expect the company to expect that costs will still fall by 5-10%, and the decline will be at the forefront of the industry. The elasticity of profit depends on the intensity of price competition in the industry.

We maintain EPS forecast for 2019-21 of 0.



05 yuan, maintain overweight rating, maintain target price of 16.

20 yuan, 16% space.

Performance improved quarter by quarter, and long-term profit exceeded expectations.

The company’s business volume in 2018 increased by 31 in ten years.

6%, deducting non-profit growth rate of 34.

1%, higher than our 31.

0% expected.

Especially in the fourth quarter, the company achieved 67.

The non-profit growth rate of 0% is deducted. In the fierce price competition in the industry, the company still realized the improvement of profit margin through the transformation of refined management.

The reasons for the higher-than-expected profit came from three aspects.

On the income side, the company’s hierarchical strategy is rapidly advancing, and the level is reduced to improve subsidy efficiency.

On the cost side, the transportation cost per ticket in 2018 is 0.

80 yuan, down 14 each year.

5%, mainly from the purchase of own vehicles, refined carding of the third-party vehicle fleet system, aviation revenue increase 佛山桑拿网 and loss reduction; single ticket center operation cost 0.

44 yuan, down 6 every year.

7%, because more than 30 sets of automated equipment were added, which greatly reduced labor costs.

Opening up the talent system, reform is still halfway through.

Yuantong Express is one of the few partnership-based courier companies that has tried to introduce a large number of professional managers. Recently, Yun Feng Fund Pan, the new president, may gradually inject new vitality into the company.

Yuantong Express’s business volume is only 5% from the second place and its market value is 40% from the second place. In the continuous transformation, Yuantong is still the courier company of the current A-share market risk-benefit ratio.

Risk factors.

Industry competition has intensified rapidly; emergencies at outlets; sudden 厦门夜网 changes in relations with Ali.

Jaeger Biotech (688026): Jaeger Biotech Co., Ltd. inquiry report

Jaeger Biotech (688026): Jaeger Biotech Co., Ltd. inquiry report

Supplier of laboratory plastic consumables.

Founded in 2001, the company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of disposable plastic consumables in biological laboratories. At present, the company’s products mainly include liquid 杭州桑拿网 treatment and biological cultivation, and the end customers are mainly biological laboratories and life sciences in universities,Medical and other research institutions, all disease control centers of the health and anti-epidemic system, inspection and quarantine institutions, drug and food monitoring agencies, central laboratories of medical institutions such as hospitals and clinics, pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology companies.

The company’s main financial indicators and profit forecasts.

The company achieved operating income in 20182.

07 million yuan, an increase of 24 in ten years.

21%; net profit attributable to mother is 0.

530,000 yuan, an increase of 30 in ten years.

92%; The company’s gross profit margin was 44 in 2018.

19%, with a net margin of 25.

44%, ROE is 18.

74%, asset-liability budget 14.

09%, the overall operating conditions are good.

2019H1 achieved operating income of 0.

9.4 billion, net profit attributable to mother 0.

2.4 billion.

The company’s gross profit margin and net profit from sales in 2019H1 were 45.

54% and 25.

79%, ROE is 7.

94%, asset-liability budget 11.


We predict that the company’s operating revenue for 2019-2021 will be 2 respectively.

5.2 billion, 3.

02 ppm and 3.

5.6 billion yuan; net profit attributable to mothers was 0.

6.4 billion.

7.8 billion and 0.

9 billion yuan.

Company valuation and inquiry analysis.

This report focuses on the evaluation and analysis of companies using different methodologies and systems, and at the same time the corresponding reasonable inquiry interval.

Based on comprehensive analysis, we use the historical estimation reference method to predict the company’s valuation as 18.

9 trillion, using the PE method to predict the company’s valuation is 19.

3 ppm, using the DCF method to predict the company’s valuation as 33.

700 million.

Considering that the company’s income and profit have formed a certain scale, the company is a relatively mature growth company. We mainly use the PE valuation method, supplemented by the historical estimation reference method and the DCF valuation method.We give 20% weighting to the historical estimation reference method, 70% weighting to the PE estimation method, and 10% weighting to the DCF estimation method, and finally get the company’s current approximate value of 20.

700 million.

We assume that the number of new shares issued by the company this time is 25 million shares, and the total share capital of the company after issuance is 10 million shares. Based on the company’s predicted market value, the company’s corresponding performance is 20.

68 yuan / share, the recommended inquiry range is[17.

99, 23.38]yuan / share.

Risk warning: market expansion is less than expected risk; overseas sales risk; raw material price fluctuation risk.