2019 Asian Cup national football first team starter list Wu Lei + Gao Lin partner forward line

OnJanuary7,2019Ain(text/ZhaoYu)at7:00tonightBeijingtime,thenationalfootballteamwillusherinthefirstgameoftheAsianCup,theopponentistheKyrgyzstanteam.(AsianCupmatchschedule)(2019AsianCupmatchresultprediction)(NationalFootballTeam’slatest25-manlist)(NationalFootballTeampreparesfortheAsianCuptostayinafive-starhotel)(AsianCuprefereelist)(AsianCupcoachesofvariouscountries)(JapanNationalteamlist)(Koreanationalteamlist)(Chinesenationalteamlist)(AsianCupfirstroundIndia4-1Thailand)TheaverageageoftheAsianCupnationalfootballplayersisthelargest.Fromthecurrentstaffingsituation,theteam’sThepossibilityofarrangingthethreecentraldefendersisverylarge,andthecoachLippiiswell-knownforthetwowingattacks.Theteam’sgoalistotakeallthreepointstolayagoodfoundationforthegroup’squalifying.  Sometimeago,thenationalfootballteamplayedafewwarm-upgames,butLippihasbeenarrangingdifferentformationsandpersonnelcombinations,whichalsomakespeoplefeelthattheteam’smainforcehasnotbeencompletelyfixed.(ZhengZhi’sresponsetotheabsenceofseats)Judgingfromyesterday’strainingsituation,theteam’sformationandpersonnelmixhaveundergonesomeadjustments.Theteamislikelytocontinuetoarrangethreecentraldefendersinthisgame,ofwhichFengXiaotingisstandinginthemiddle,hisleftandrightareShiKeandZhangLinpeng.  Sinceplayingthreecentraldefenders,thentherewillbefiveplayersinthemidfield.TwosideplayersarelikelytobearrangedinHanChaoandZhangChengdong.ThethreemidfieldersmaybeacombinationofWuXi,ChiZhongguoandHaoJunmin.Ofcourse,theNationalFootballteamhasbeentryingdifferentcombinationsinthemidfield.InadditiontotherelativelystablepositionsofWuXiandChiZhongguo,theotherpositioncanonlysaythatHaoJunminismorelikely.Inaddition,ParkChengandZhaoXurialsohaveopportunities.  Ontheforwardline,LippiislikelytoarrangeacombinationofWuLeiandGaoLin.Thetwooftenpartneredtogetherinthepastwarm-upgames,sothereisnoproblemwithtacitunderstanding.Tobesure,intheJanuary7thgame,theteamwilldefinitelymakemorefussonthewing,strengthentheoffensivefirepower,andbeabletoscoreearly,sothatitwillbeeasiertoplay.  Inadditiontothenationalfootballstrategy,thisgamemustgetthreepoints,sothatitcanalsoprovideagoodbasisforthesubsequentgroupqualifying.Thenationalfootballteamisexpectedtostart(352)goalkeeper:1-YanJunling;guard:4-ShiKe,6-FengXiaoting,5-ZhangLinpeng;midfielder:20-YuHanchao,15-WuXi,11-HuanJunmin,13-chiZhongguo,17-ZhangChengdong;Forwards:7-WuLei,18-GaoLin.Originaltitle:NationalFootballAsianCupfirstgameisexpectedtostart:LippiattackedbothwingsQiFeiWuLeiGaoLindoubleforward

[Can I eat cauliflower in the first trimester?

]_ Recommended diet

[Can I eat cauliflower in the first trimester?
]_ Recommended diet

Early pregnancy is a very important period of time, because this is the key period of time for the development of obesity. At this time, the daily diet of pregnant women also needs special attention. The wrong diet can easily be affected, and even cause serious deformities.At the beginning of pregnancy, we should also pay attention to dietary methods, so can we eat cauliflower in the first trimester?

It is certain that cauliflower can be eaten in the first trimester. Cauliflower can reduce vitamins, proteins, sugars, calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients, which are all necessary for the human body. Consumption during pregnancy can effectively prevent postpartum hemorrhage and increaseThe content of vitamin k in breast milk, so even in early pregnancy, pregnant women can safely eat cauliflower.

In addition, in early pregnancy, cauliflower can effectively improve the body’s immunity, because some substances in cauliflower can enhance the liver’s detoxification ability, improve the body’s immunity, and can prevent cold problems during pregnancy.It can also effectively prevent scurvy and other diseases.

And the cauliflower contains folic acid, which is an important substance to prevent hypertension neural tube defects, so women should supplement folic acid before pregnancy and early pregnancy, and many foods contain high levels of folic acid, which can be supplemented through diet.It is not only good for absorption, but also can be supplemented with other substances.

[How to eat dry dumplings]_ The common practice of dry dumplings _ The practice of dry dumplings _ How to make dry dumplings

[How to eat dry dumplings]_ The common practice of dry dumplings _ The practice of dry dumplings _ How to make dry dumplings

Friends who like to eat cold dishes will not miss the dry rice dumplings, and quickly learn how to do it. When you take care of the ingredients, you must be careful and clean the sand. The amount of seasoning must be appropriate.Adding chili to the taste makes your mouth cool and your heart refreshed.

1. First prepare the required materials 2. Put the glutinous rice flour and starch in a pot, pour milk and flour 3, stir well until there are no granules, steam on the pot, and steam until the glutinous rice flour mixture solidifies and changes color.5. After cooling, put it in a fresh-keeping bag and put it in the refrigerator for 20 to 40 minutes. 6. Take a dry pan without oil and oil. Stir in black sesame seeds over low heat and pour it into a vessel.After crushing, add the same amount of fine granulated sugar and mix well for later use. Then take out the dough in the refrigerator and scramble into small pieces one by one. Knead the round and leave it in the prepared black sesame filling 10.Round 11 and roll the rolled glutinous rice balls in the cooked soy flour in sequence. Each of the glutinous rice balls is evenly wrapped with soy flour, and you are done cooking at home.The home becomes more cozy, and the practice of eating dumplings is simple and can be done easily.

[Can I eat fish with a wound]_Scars_Can I eat

銆 愯 HAN Juanjuan 流 浼 ゅ 彛 鑳 懆 楸 懧 抧 銆 慱 浼 ょ 棔 _ 鑳 悆 悆 钖?
楸兼槸涓€绉嶅ぇ瀹堕潪甯哥啛鐭ョ殑姘翠骇鍝侊紝鍥犱负鏅€氱殑楸肩浉杈冧簬鍏朵粬涓€浜涙捣椴滀骇鍝佹潵璇达紝浠锋牸鐩稿浜庢瘮杈冧究瀹滆€屼笖钀ュ吇涔熸瘮杈冧赴瀵岋紝鍙f劅涔熸瘮杈冨ソ锛屾敹鍒颁簡寰堝鏈嬪弸浠殑鍠滅埍銆傝€屼笖楸肩殑鍋氭硶涔熸湁寰堝锛屾牴鎹笉鍚屼汉鐨勫彛鍛冲彲浠ュ仛鍑轰笉鍚岀殑楸硷紝閭d箞濡傛灉涓€涓汉韬笂鏈変激鍙g殑鏃跺€欙紝杩樺彲浠ョ户缁鐢ㄩ奔鍚楋紵涓€銆佽韩涓婃湁浼ゅ彛鑳藉悆楸煎悧鏈変激鍙f槸鍙互鍚冮奔鐨勶紝楸奸珮铔嬬櫧鐨勭墿璐ㄣ€傚畠鍙互淇冭繘浼ゅ彛鎰堝悎銆備綘鐢ㄩ厭绮炬摝寮€鏀剧殑浼ゅ彛锛屾槸閰掔簿鍒烘縺浼ゅ彛寮曡捣鐨勭柤鐥涖€傚紑鏀剧殑浼ゅ彛鍙互鐢紝纰樹紡娑堟瘨銆備簩銆侀€傚疁浼ゅ彛鎰堝悎鐨勯鐗?銆侀攲 缂洪攲浼氫娇绾ょ淮缁嗚優鍔熻兘涓嬮檷銆傞攲涓昏瀛樺湪浜庢湪鑰炽€佹捣甯︾瓑椋熺墿涓?銆?Lian Gang just set?It ‘s hard to get a good look, it ‘s hard, it ‘s hard, it ‘s plastic, it ‘s plastic, it ‘s hard to go around, it ‘s just a little bit, it ‘s just a little bit, it ‘s just a little bit.綔鐢紝瀵逛激鍙f剤鍚堟湁涓€瀹氱泭澶勩€?銆佽憽钀勭硸 绯栨槸浜轰綋涓昏鐨勪緵鑳借€咃紝渚涚粰鍏呰冻鐨勮兘閲忔槸浼ゅ彛鎰堝悎涓嶅彲缂哄皯鐨勩€Efforts are made in the financial chain, uncle 4 is unclear, uncle, unreliable, unreliable, unreliable, unrecognizable, unrecognizable, unrecognizable.犌 銆?銆 佲 泲 擏 擏 楗 懗 懲 懲 擲 擲 擲 擲 擲 描 鳳 擳 鳳 鑩 撗 黗 黗 銙 f 钙 銆 銆 銆 銆 銆 銆 銆 銆 擂 嬬 姬 秠 炤 曤 悤 殤 殤 殤 殤鑲夈€佺墰濂躲€佽泲绫荤瓑銆?銆佺淮鐢熺礌A 鑳藉淇冭繘浼ゅ彛鎰堝悎銆傚畠涓昏瀛樺湪浜庨奔娌广€佽儭钀濆崪銆佽タ绾㈡熆绛夐鐗╀腑銆?銆佺淮鐢熺礌C 鍙互淇冧娇浼ゅ彛鎰堝悎銆傚瓨鍦ㄤ簬鍚勭钄彍銆佹按鏋滀腑锛屽ぇ鏋c€佽荆妞掓槸缁寸敓绱燙鐨勫疂搴撲笁銆佷粈涔堟槸鍙戠墿鎵€璋撳彂鐗╋紝鏄寚鐗瑰埆瀹规槗璇卞彂鏌愪簺鐤剧梾锛堝挨鍏舵槸鏃х梾瀹跨柧锛夋垨鍔犻噸宸插彂鐤剧梾鐨勯鐗┿€傚彂鐗╃蹇屽湪楗鍏荤敓鍜岄ギ椋熸不鐤椾腑閮藉叿鏈夐噸瑕佹剰涔夈€傚湪閫氬父鎯呭喌涓嬶紝鍙戠墿涔熸槸椋熺墿锛岄€傞噺椋熺敤瀵瑰ぇ澶氭暟浜轰笉浼氫骇鐢熷壇The most important thing is that there is a lot of bees and bees in the world, and there is no difference between them. Lou Lou Lulu is very good at each other. Lou Xun is very good.

[How long can you not eat frozen pork]_Pork_Frozen_Precautions

銆 愮 尓 尊 咊 啺 啺 啺 啺 啺 啺 啺 咲 呲 嘲 嘲 呉 呉 炆 銆 銆 慱 鐚  倝 _ 鍐 峰 喕 _ 娉 ㄦ 剰 浜 嬮
You are the one who has won the song, you are the one who is the best one, and you are the one who is the best one. You will be able to find the best way to do it.槸鏈変竴瀹氱殑鏃堕檺鐨勶紝濡傛灉鍐峰喕鐨勬椂闂磋繃闀匡紝鐚倝鐨勮惀鍏讳环鍊间篃浼氶€愭笎鐨勪笅闄嶏紝灏变笉鍒╀簬浜轰綋鍚告敹钀ュ吇浜嗭紝涓€鑸儏鍐典笅鏃犺弻澶勭悊浠ュ悗鍙互鍐峰喕涓€骞村埌18涓湀宸﹀彸锛岃€屼綔涓哄搴潵璇达紝鏈€澶氬彧鑳藉喎鍐?Mastiff?涓湀锛屼笉瑕佽秴杩囧崐骞淬€?What’s the difference between sorrow and sorrow?  琛 ㄧ ず, change to change? 4 What are you saying?鍥犳濡傛灉涓€涓ゅぉ鍐呮病鏈夐鐢ㄥ畬,鍙互鏀惧叆鍐疯棌绠?鍚﹀垯,蹇呴』鏀惧叆鍐峰喕绠变互淇濊瘉鐚倝涓嶅彉璐ㄣ€傝€岄拡瀵逛繚璐ㄦ湡闂,濡傛灉鏄湡绌哄寘瑁呫€佹棤鑿屽鐞?1骞村埌18涓湀鐨勪繚璐ㄦ湡鏄彲浠ュ仛鍒扮殑,浣嗕竴鏃︽媶寮€鍖呰,杩欎釜淇濊川鏈熼檺灏辨€ラ€Sorry? Jian Jian?涓€鑸尓鑲夊湪鍐峰喕绠辩殑淇濆瓨鏈熼檺涓?-5涓湀,鏈€澶氫笉鑳借秴杩囧崐骞?鍐峰喕娓╁害鏈€濂藉湪闆朵笅15-16鈩?鈥滈殢鐫€淇濆瓨鏃堕棿瓒婃潵瓒婇暱,鐚倝鐨勮惀鍏讳細娴佸け,鍙f劅鍙樺樊,鍙﹀杩樹細浜х敓涓€绉嶅悕涓烘潕鏂壒鑿岀殑鈥樺棞鍐疯弻鈥?涓嶉€傚悎鍐嶉鐢ㄣ€傗€? 銐 雲 倝 咫 叫 叩 揩 醩 熩 熩 熩 熩 熩 熩 珂 璂 珂珂 硶 1 銆 佽 咜 鐒 鄒 焒 烐 篐 薁 閦 鍦 ㄥ 喎 姘 翠 腑 謑 謑 堨 堨 斁 鍦 鍦 駨 菁 鍦 駨 菁 駦?Rutherfordium Jian cap tassel 8 rutherfordium power Jingshi Edition Nan, Huan Dugdug su  Zhi Nao Mian TOWER Ta umbrella Tuan  Uu Juan Chemicals Gan Aya marriage  Jian ╁ Tuan cyberspace Zengmian fermium Ju stretched heavy rope Yu organs, Wei cut Taijiantaiqiang娑蹭笌缁嗚優澶栨恫杩呴€熷喕鎴愪簡鍐?褰㈡垚浜嗚倝绾ょ淮涓庣粏鑳炰腑闂寸殑缁撴櫠浣撱€傝繖绉嶆眮娑茬殑缁撴櫠浣撴槸涓€绉嶆渶鏈変环鍊肩殑铔嬬 槠 ル ㄥ 柰 Ti 麗 鐗 ╄ 川 銆 Effects: 雋 揤 擤 搤 鐑 Press 峤 Ee, 瓾 綾 絼 浼 Arg け 铡 讳 箮 閮 ㄥ 垎 雔 嬬 姾 姾 郾 郾 Lu ㄥ鏇翠富瑕佺殑鏄細鐢熸垚涓€绉嶇О涓轰笝閱涚殑涓€绉嶅己鑷寸檶鐗┿€傛墍浠?鍐昏倝涓€瀹氳鐢ㄥ喎姘磋В鍐绘垨浣垮叾缂撴參鍦拌嚜鐒跺寲瑙c€?銆佸喎鍐诲墠鍏堝皢鑲夊垏鎴愬皬鍧楁垨灏嗗叾鍘嬫垚鈥滈ゼ鐘垛€濆皢鑲夌被鍒囨垚灏忚€岃杽鐨勫皬鍧?What are you looking for? Awkwardly reading a book about ammonia?鎴栬€呭皢鎺掗绛夊甫楠ㄧ殑鑲夌被骞抽摵涓衡€滈ゼ鐘垛€?鍐嶆斁鍏ュ啺绠便€傝繖鏍峰氨鑳藉鍔犲喕鑲夌殑鍙楃儹闈㈢Н,鍙伩鍏嶅彈鐑笉鍧囩殑鐜拌薄,浠ユ鍔犲What is the problem?

[Homemade practices and tips for making braised cod]_How to do_How to do

槌曢奔杩樺彨鏄庡お楸笺€佸ぇ澶撮奔銆佸ぇ鍙i奔銆佺煶鑲犻奔绛夛紝鏄竴绉嶆瘮杈冨父瑙佺殑娴烽奔銆傞硶楸煎惈鏈夊強鍏朵赴瀵岀殑铔嬬櫧璐ㄣ€佺淮鐢熺礌銆佸拰寰噺鍏冪礌锛岃惀鍏诲崄鍒嗕赴瀵岋紝鑲夎川椴滅編鍘氬疄锛屾湁鍤煎姴锛屾洿閲嶈鐨勬槸槌曢奔鐨勫埡闈炲父灏戯紝鍚冪殑鏃跺€欎笉鐢ㄦ媴蹇冮奔鍒虹殑闂姣旇緝杩囩樉銆備笅闈㈠氨浠嬬粛涓€涓嬬孩鐑ч硶楸煎甯稿仛娉曞拰鍒朵綔灏忕獚闂ㄣ€?What?Hammer rushing to the pot: 1.浠庤秴甯傛垨鑰呮槸甯傚満涔扮殑鍐婚硶楸硷紝鏀舵嬀骞插噣锛屾妸鑲氬瓙閲岄粦鑶滄悡鎺夈€傚垏娈碉紝澶ф鍥涗簲鍘樼背灏卞彲浠ャ€傞攨鍐呭€掓补锛屽噯澶囩偢楸兼鐨勶紝澶氭潵鐐癸綖銆?.绛夋补寮€鐨勫悓鏃跺氨鍙互鎶婇奔娈佃9涓婇潰绮変簡锛岃鍧囧寑锝炪€傛补寮€鍚庡氨鍙互鏀鹃奔娈典簡锛屽弻闈㈢偢鑷抽噾榛勮壊鎹炲嚭澶囩敤銆傚噯澶囨墍鏈夊共鏂欏崟鏀句竴鐩橀噷澶囩敤锛屾壘涓€涓ぇ纰楁斁鎵€鏈夋补鐩愰叡閱嬶紝鍐嶅姞涓婄櫧寮€姘村噾涓€澶х灏辫銆?3.Remedy: How to fix the torch? Do you want to know how to do it? How to do it? Do you want to go through the chain? Do you know how to do it?You can’t wait until you can eat it, and you can’t do it either. If you want to use it, click on the button and click on the button to view it. If you want to use it, you will be able to use it.Paper rules and regulations: Check the following: Check the following: Check the links and check each other. Check the links and check the links.Chong Ying Hong Hong Yu ︼ Xun Xing Xing Xuan Xuan Duo Qi 1.Fine 1.Hammering the world’s strengthWhat are you doing? Do you have a lot of trouble? Do you want to go to the top of the list? Do you want to go to the map? Do you want to go to the map? Do you want to go to the map?.鐓庨奔涔嬪墠锛岃9涓€灞傛祿绋犵殑姘存穩绮夛紝鏇村鏄撻攣浣忛奔鐨勬按鍒嗭紝涔熶細閬垮厤鍦ㄧ厧楸兼椂锛屽鑷撮奔鑲夋暎纰庛€?.Recognizing and replenishing and refining and refining and refining and refining and refining and recognizing the uncle of the pot and the uncle of the pot:  and ╄ the world and the real world, the recognizing and refining of the world洜姝や笉闇€瑕佸姞绯栵紝濡傛灉浣犲枩濂藉亸鐢滅殑鍙e懗锛屽彲浠ラ€傚綋鐨勫姞涓€鐐圭偣鍗冲彲銆?

China International Travel Service (601888) Interim Review: The company’s tax-exempt income maintains high growth

China International Travel Service (601888) Interim Review: The company’s tax-exempt income maintains high growth

High tax-free growth, adjusted ahead of schedule, leading the further increase to enhance the company’s semi-annual report performance in line with expectations: 19H1 realized revenue of 243.

44 billion / + 15.

46%, net profit attributable to mother 32.

7.9 billion / +70.

87%, net of non-attributed net profit of 25.

00 billion / + 30.


It is announced that the board of directors elects the current general manager to serve as chairman, and it is proposed to appoint the general manager of Zhongwei Company as the general manager of the listed company.

The company’s tax-free income has maintained a beautiful growth, and its gross profit margin has decreased. Year-to-date stores in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities have been opened one after another, which is expected to increase the release of Chinese people; the second half of Sanya is expected to drive the growth of Haitang Bay.

At present, the tax exemption is in the development bonus period. The demand for Chinese mid-to-high-end aromatherapy is strong, and the tax-exempt channels have benefited significantly.

China’s exemption leader ranks strong, separate travel agencies, previously adjusted to further focus on tax-exempt business, EPS2 is expected in 19-21.



33 yuan, the target price is 104-109.

Buy at 2 yuan.

  The overall growth of tax-free income was beautiful, and the gross profit margin remained stable. 237 income-free income in 19H1.

3.8 billion / +53.

38%, net profit 25.

36 billion / + 36%.

The tax-free gross profit margin remained stable at 52% compared with the same period last year, and the scale advantage increased. The increase in the proportion of non-fragrance categories dragged down.

By channel: 1) Shanghai revenue 73.

7.7 billion, net profit attributable to mother 3.

2.1 billion / + 49%, excluding the difference in consolidated income over + 30%; 2) Haitang Bay income 53.

2.9 billion / + 29%, net profit 8.

3.3 billion / + 5.

63%, it is expected that the increase in wholesale settlement prices and rental costs will drag down; 3) Capital Airport’s tax-free income43.

65 ppm / + 26% (excluding internal transactions), T3 revenue 37.

6.6 billion / + 13%, net profit attributable to mothers 95.17 million 夜来香体验网 / + 72%; 4) Hong Kong Airport tax-free income12.

9.6 billion / + 36%; 5) Guangzhou Baiyunji benefit stores opened in 18Q2, tax-free income8.

44 billion / + 193%.

  The tax-free territory continued to expand, and the comprehensive operating strength continued to improve. Haikou, the company’s hosting in January 19, opened the Boao store, which has been delivered by China Exempt, and the island ‘s tax-free market continued to consolidate. In March, it won the bid for the 10-year tax-free operating right of Daxing Airport.Duty-free shops in Beijing / Qingdao / Xiamen / Dalian will be opened. In August, Shanghai and Hong Kong shops will be opened. The follow-up purchase policy of Chinese people is expected to continue to heat up. If the policy progresses, it will help open up long-term space.

At the same time, China Exemption actively carried out integration with the Japanese and Japanese procurement systems to reduce procurement costs; the Guangzhou / Xi’an store’s self-operated platform was launched and the Hangzhou Airport store’s flying pig platform was launched, and its operating strength continued to be consolidated and improved.

Haikou Duty Free City Phase 1 has completed construction preparations; the core island project has completed 75 shops / 55 brands / more than 190,000 square meters of investment work, and finally opened to the outside, and cooperation with Haitang Bay passenger flow is expected.

  The advantages of tax-free quotas have been continually consolidated, and the buying grade has been maintained for 18 years.
The market size of tax allowances is 39.5 billion, which has an improvement potential compared to 461.6 billion in the world / 110.4 billion in South Korea. Fragrance is the main category.

International cosmetics company’s semi-annual report shows that Chinese people have a strong demand for high-end fragrance, which is an important driver of tax-free growth.

The Beijing / Shanghai internal stores opened in May / August respectively. If they are open to Chinese people, they will try to open up new spaces.

Expected 19-21 EPS2.

33 yuan, the company’s historical average of PE in the past five years is 37 times, the comprehensive strength of China-Israel is outstanding, follow-up advantages in the entry of duty-free shops tender, the leader is expected to continue to consolidate.

After the travel agency came out of the table, the executives adjusted accordingly, which will help the company’s resources to further focus on tax exemption and increase profitability. It will give 40-42 times PE in 19 years and a target price of 104-109.

Buy at 2 yuan.

  Risk warning: policy advancement is less than expected; business integration progress is less than expected.

Jinjiang Co., Ltd. (600754): Steady operation of the hotel’s main business and fair value changes to increase results

Jinjiang Co., Ltd. (600754): Steady operation of the hotel’s main business and fair value changes to increase results
Event: The company disclosed a quarterly report, and net profit attributable to mothers increased by 28 each year.2% of operating income in Q1 2019 was 33.37 ppm, a ten-year increase2.7%, net profit attributable to mother 2.950,000 yuan, an increase of 28 in ten years.2%, net profit after deduction is 70.84 million yuan, an annual increase of 2.5%, including the increase in the fair value of tradable financial assets and the investment income obtained from the sale of Bank of Beijing stocks, which affects profit before tax.01 billion. The hotel business grew steadily. The profit of Plato increased and the net profit of Vienna declined. The company’s hotel business achieved operating income in the first quarter.80 ppm, a ten-year increase2.7%, domestic hotel revenue 24.40,000 yuan, an increase of 4 in ten years.7%.According to the company’s disclosure, the hotel business revenue is expected to be 35 in the second quarter.91-39.69 ppm, with a ten-year growth rate of[-1.1% 9.3%], of which 25 are domestic hotel business.65-28.350,000 yuan, the annual growth rate is[0.5%, 11.1%].At the subsidiary level, the former Jinjiang Department achieved operating income in 19Q16.12 ppm, a decrease of 3 per year.1%, realized a net profit of 12.6 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 74.2%.The performance of Jinjiang Department was mainly due to the compensation for land relocation of Jinjiang Star in the previous year. At the same time, changes in the operation of the first quarter of the Jinjiang Department and the termination of direct-operated stores also affected the current performance change.Platinum Tao achieved operating income of 9 in Q1.8.4 billion, up from 1 previously.7%, net profit 2.5.3 billion, a year-on-year increase of 309%.Vienna’s Q1 19 achieved operating income6.80 ppm, an increase of 14 in ten years.1%, with a net profit of 50.1 million yuan, a decrease of over 19%.The 5% decline in Vienna’s net profit is expected to be related to the increase in labor costs. Expansion of store expansion, same-store operation of economy and mid-end hotels under pressure in the first quarter of 2019, the company opened 313 new hotels, 188 net openings, an increase compared to the same period last year, of which net-end hotels increased by 204, total number of mid-end hotelsReached 2667, the proportion increased to 34.9%.Operating performance, due to the downward impact of the industry’s outlook, the company’s internal hotel occupancy rate as a whole declined4.3 points, the average room rate is driven by the increase in the proportion of mid-end hotels, which increases by 7 per year.3%, RevPar advances by 1.2%.Same-store baseline, Jinjiang’s overall same-store RevPar dropped by 4 in 19Q1.2%, of which mid-to-high-end 武汉桑拿 same-store stores fell by 1.2%, budget hotels fell 6.9%. Investment suggestion: under the short-term economic downturn and pressured by profit growth, the medium- and long-term growth logic remains unchanged. In the first quarter, the company was affected by the downturn in the hotel industry and labor costs during its own conversion period.Logical changes, the company’s core competitiveness lies in mid-end brand and scale advantages, leading in the integration of individual hotels, and transformed into the company’s internal background integration and promotion, the company’s operating efficiency will also be improved.The company’s EPS is expected to be 1 in 19-21.22 yuan / 1.38 yuan / 1.67 yuan, corresponding to PE is 21, 18, 15 times, the company’s average price-earnings ratio since 35 years.9 times, the current expectation is at the bottom of history. Taking into account the company’s leading position in the domestic hotel integration process and the expected cost control brought by the future internal integration promotion, it will give a reasonable value of 32 at 19 times PE 32.94 yuan / share, maintain “Buy” rating. Risk warnings: 1) The decline of the macro economy may affect the recovery of the industry.2) The internal integration effect of the company was less than expected.3) The progress of the company’s direct-operated stores was worse than expected.

Zhejiang Dingli (603338): Domestic leasing companies benefit from long-term high-quality equipment manufacturers entering the Three Kingdoms era

Zhejiang Dingli (603338): Domestic leasing companies benefit from long-term high-quality equipment manufacturers entering the Three Kingdoms era

Reviewing the first stage of industry development: high-speed growth and extensive expansion ① In 2019, excluding some special factors, it is estimated that the sales volume of domestic aerial work platforms will be about 4.

50,000-50,000 units, previously recorded a rapid growth of more than 60%.

As of the end of 2019, the number of domestic AWPs exceeded 130,000, while the number of global leasing markets exceeded 1.5 million, and the number of Chinese markets accounted for about 8-9% of the global market. ② Market and industry development come from the final analysis.Expansion of downstream diversified demand; saving, we believe that the cultivation of the market is also inseparable from the promotion of additional excellent leasing companies; ③ From the current point of view, based on the perspective of “construction expenditure / equipment ownership”, we are still optimistic about the long-term industry3-5 times the holding space, but from the short-to-medium dimension, we believe that the industry development and competition have entered the second stage. The competition strategy of bilateral lessors has changed, and high-quality equipment manufacturers have benefited for a long time. The industry has entered the second stage: rapid production of OEMs.Expansion and fierce competition among leasers 1) Overall, the five major brands of Xingbang, Xugong, Lingong and Zoomlion formed the first camp of domestic aerial platforms, and gradually opened the gap with the second echelon OEMs.

From the perspective of sales scale, Dingli’s revenue in the first three quarters14.

Xingbang is expected to reach over 1.2 billion in revenue in 19 years, XCMG is going to reach 1 billion, and China United is expected to be more than 700 million. From the perspective of 佛山桑拿网 production capacity, according to the capacity planning of the top five manufacturers, by the end of 2020 to mid-2021,Will form a total of 9.

80,000 scissor forks, 1.


50,000 arm-type production capacity.

(Note: The production capacity will not be completely consumed domestically); 2) Compared with other types of construction machinery, the competition among leasers in the current high-altitude platform market is far greater than that among manufacturers.

At present, the number of leasing companies in the industry exceeds 1,500. Tenants of ten thousand ranks represented by the four leaders of Hongxin, Zhongneng, Xugong and China Railway began to appear, and capital entered the market to intensify competition; 3) According to our grassroots research,Combined with the current financing / purchasing plans of several 四川耍耍网 leading leasers, three of them will have a total purchase demand of more than 40,000 units next year, and different leasers will be deeply bound to different OEMs; 4) Some leasers bringIncoming purchasing demand has also gradually impacted the industry’s short-term rents.

The current market leasing prices fluctuate as a whole, and the leaser’s recovery period is extended to more than 5 years. The development forecast of the industry in three different situations 1) Assuming that the rental price is basically maintained at the current level, it is judged that the industry will develop steadily to 200,000-300,000There will still be a steady growth period of about 2-3 years in the volume phase; 2) Assuming that the rental price continues to change, judging from the further opening of the industry demand, the rental market will continue to develop in the integration; while the host manufacturers are subject to the release of power generation, there will beThe situation of 1-2 years of funding and job hunting; 3) Assume that the lease price continues to be subdivided, clicking on the leaser appears cash flow risk, and the industry enters the adjustment stage.

Therefore, we believe that for OEMs, it is necessary to strictly control the risk of accounts receivable and strictly screen high-quality customers; in order to diversify the sales destination market through product diversification (arm type, small scissors products, etc.)(European and American markets, Japanese and Korean markets, Southeast Asian markets, etc.) to reduce market risks that may arise in the future.

  Investment suggestions and indicators: From the perspective of the industry, without considering some special factors, determine the sales volume of the aerial platform industry in 20194.

About 50,000 to 50,000 units (the industry is generally expected to be around 40,000 in the early days), and even increased significantly.

Driven by several major leading leasers next year, the industry still maintains higher growth.

According to our grassroots research, combined with the current financing / purchasing plans of several leading leasing companies, three high-end leasing companies will have a total procurement demand of more than 40,000 units in the coming year, and different leasing companies are deeply bound to different OEMs.

From the perspective of the company, as of the first three quarters of 2019, Zhejiang Dingli’s domestic: foreign revenue ratio has reached 55:45 to 60:40.

In the single market layout, the company’s advantage is that it can focus on sales at home and abroad, and between overseas markets.

In terms of the domestic market, the company currently sells to Hongxin among the top four leasing companies.

Looking forward to next year, Hongxin has a boycott of capital expenditure plans and is expected to maintain a high purchase amount.

As far as foreign markets are concerned, the US market has made progress in tariff exemption; the European market competitiveness Magni and Dingli have jointly promoted; the Japanese market is the only domestic manufacturer entering the large-scale leaser, and we look forward to the next volume.

Key recommendation: Zhejiang Dingli.

Private equity boss Wang Yawei reduced holdings of Sanju Environmental Protection but Binjiacang Wuliangye in the second quarter

Private equity boss Wang Yawei reduced holdings of Sanju Environmental Protection but Binjiacang Wuliangye in the second quarter

In the second quarter, private equity boss Wang Yawei reduced his holdings in Sanju Environmental Protection, but Bin Jiacang Wuliangye reporter Wang Ning. Private placement of heavyweight stocks in addition to the focus of attention, has become an indicator of investors’ stock selection.

In the end, the disclosure of the semi-annual report of the listed company was over, and a number of private equity leaders’ heavy positions also surfaced.

  ”Securities Daily” reporter combed and found that Wang Yawei heavy stocks in the second quarter of five stocks, of which, Sanju environmental protection reduced 5.4 million shares.

However, as the “iron powder” of Maotai, Dan Bin, in the second quarter seemed to be a little moved to Guizhou Maotai, holding a total stock market value of 2.56 million yuan.

However, the two stocks in Wuliangye and Ping An of China were seriously increased their positions again. The total stock market value increased by 35 million to 95 million yuan. However, Bin held heavy stocks in the second quarter of 8 stocks, holding a total market value of 1.

600 million yuan.

  ”Securities Daily” reporter combed according to private placement ranking network statistics, in the second quarter Wang Yawei and Dan Bin combined a total of 13 stocks, but only investment styles are completely different.

In the second quarter, Wang Yawei reduced his long-term holding of Sanju Environmental Protection, but Bin Mao ‘s Guizhou Moutai also lowered his position, but Bin ‘s preference for liquor still did not drop, and he greatly increased Wuliangye and Ping An of China.

  ”Securities Daily” reporter found that in the second quarter, Wang Yawei’s line of products were four, a total of five stocks, namely Sanju Environmental Protection, Phoenix Optics, Borch Technology, Yilianzhong and Jiangsu Thorpe.

Among them, the position of Sanju Environmental Protection declined in the first quarter, reducing its holdings by 5.4 million shares and holding 41.6 million shares; Phoenix Optics and Yilianzhong positions remained unchanged, holding 1.38 million shares and 2.2 million shares respectively; Borch TechnologyAnd Jiangsu Thorpe are new stocks, holding 350,000 shares and 1 杭州桑拿 million shares respectively.

  According to the data, the products of the joint venture of the Qian Jie Jie Co., Ltd. are securities investment collective fund trust plans issued with foreign trade trusts. In the second quarter, they reduced their holdings of Sanju Environmental Protection by 5.4 million shares.Lighten up in the third quarter.

Since last year, Sanju Environmental Protection has been in a doldrums.

74%, the drop since this year also reached nearly 30%.

With this release, the reduction in holdings of non-products may reflect Wang Yawei’s attempt to shift his focus.

  “Securities Daily” reporter found that the positions of Galaxy Futures Oriental Harbor Vision 1 and Galaxy Futures Oriental Harbor Vision 2 affiliated to Oriental Harbor have also been adjusted. The two products have a total of 8 stocks, namely 天津夜网 Guizhou Maotai, Wuliangye, China Ping An, HengShun Vinegar Industry, Yili Co., Midea Group, Gujing Gong Jiu and Shanxi Fen Jiu, but Bin has always been known as the “iron powder” of Guizhou Moutai, but in the second quarter, but Bin seems to have loosened the reduction of Maotai’s holdings, butThe liquor sector is still very popular.

  According to the interim report, Dongfang Harbor No. 1 and No. 2 held a total market value of 50 million yuan in Guizhou Moutai in the second quarter, but a total decrease of 2.5 million yuan compared with the first quarter. At the same time, Gujing Gongjiu and Shanxi Fen liquor were also reduced. Two productsThe market value of the total reduction is as high as 52 million yuan.

Although the market value of two liquors held by three liquor stocks has declined, it does not mean that Bin ‘s preference for the liquor sector has declined.

  In fact, in the second quarter, Dongfang Gangwan No. 1 and No. 2 products increased their holdings of Wuliangye and Ping An again. The total market value of these two stocks increased to 95 million yuan and 35 million yuan. At the same time, Hengshun Vinegar and Midea Group maintained their positions.change.

The two products totaled 8 stocks, with a total market value of nearly 1.

600 million yuan.
  ”By observing private equity positions, two obvious characteristics were found: First, the frequency of private equity swaps is relatively low, especially for heavy stocks, which have basically remained unchanged. This is related to the larger size and high cost of swaps.The concept of private equity investment is relatively mature. The core stocks are fundamental value-driven and will not participate in some market hotspots.

“You Liu Youhua, an expert on the private equity emptying network, told the Securities Daily. At the same time, to smooth the change in the net value of products, large private equity will do some rebalancing operations in the core stock pool.

It can be seen that the major private equity cuts are basically stocks that have a continuous increase, but the increase in stocks is a small increase.