The essence of moxibustion is to stimulate the self-healing power of the human body!

The essence of moxibustion is to stimulate the self-healing power of the human body!

The essence of moxibustion is to stimulate the self-healing power of the human body!
Kaiyun Health 2018-10-17 Chinese medicine advocates internal and external balance maintenance, moxibustion is the most important part of Chinese medicine culture.

Moxibustion friends who often have moxibustion may have the feeling that the body is comfortable, the complexion is rosy and lustrous, the number of illnesses is reduced, and even some minor illnesses can quickly recover without medicine. The quality of life is improved, therefore, perennialMoxibustion persists.

Occasionally moxibustion people may have this experience: I did not expect the seemingly inconspicuous moxibustion, but I really cured my neck, shoulders, waist and leg pain, it is, if I am sick, I am sick.Occasionally receiving moxibustion treatment, the disease will stop.

Those who have not received moxibustion may have a lot of doubts: can moxibustion be used?

Is it not comfortable?

Therefore, my heart is doubtful, and I want to stop moxibustion.
To answer these questions, we must start with the self-healing power of the human body.


The human body comes with a doctor: self-healing power!

The so-called self-healing power is simply the ability of our body to be born with natural self-defense, self-healing, self-healing, and is inseparable from the kidney, righteousness and yang that Chinese medicine says.

It can repair itself in time, almost can make the disease self-healing and better, and protect the body parts.

Self-healing power comes from the innate precision and complete self-healing system of the human body. In addition to the so-called immunity, it should also include the repair (healing and regeneration), detoxification, endocrine regulation and other modern people’s cognition.Or the ability to know.

The magical and powerful self-healing power of the human body cannot be completely described by words, so the intelligent ancient medical doctor vividly turned it into “righteousness”. In short, from the moment when human life is formed, our body is inherent.The portable doctor-self-healing protection system is formed at the same time and settled in our body.


Why do people have self-healing power and will get sick?

The self-healing power of the human body is born with strength and weakness, because he is affected by congenital inheritance and acquired maintenance.

1 congenital genetic self-healing power innate deficiency (in fact, can also be understood as congenital kidney deficiency), destined to be born “weak”, easy to get sick and not easy to get sick after illness, some children have frequent colds, fever, inIn the high season of infectious diseases, a little bit of wind and grass will be infected, and some children of the same age will not be sick easily after birth. This is the innate difference of self-healing power.

2 The growth of self-healing power is also affected by the ageing, that is, the Chinese people say that “people over forty, yang is half”, and the yang here refers to self-healing power.

Although the self-healing power is congenital, but as the age increases, the self-healing power will gradually decline. Generally, the 40-year-old is a turning point.

Many people in life feel that their bodies are very healthy before they are 40 years old. They have never had a serious illness, and even some small problems are not self-healing.

But after 40 years old, this is not the case. If you don’t take medicine, you will not get sick. It is also easy to get sick. It is obvious that you can’t do it. This is the reason why the body’s self-healing power (yang, righteousness) is falling.

3 Excessive consumption of self-healing power The body’s own self-healing power, even if it is occasionally affected by pathogenic factors, can maintain a good state without getting sick; only when the body’s consumption and damage exceeds the individual’s self-healing powerStrength, the body will get sick.

Some people are always ill, or they are not easily ill and healed, indicating that the person is self-healing.

In real life, the reduction of self-healing power (yang, righteousness) is caused by our unconsciously excessive consumption.

For example, unhealthy lifestyles: frequent staying up late, greedy, unrestrained and unscheduled diet, smoking, alcohol, angry and anxious mood changes, etc., will over-consume the body’s “righteousness” and reduce the body’s self-healing power.Produce disease.

4 Dependence or abuse of drugs relies too much on doctors and drugs (especially antibiotics), so that our body’s self-healing power becomes “soft-footed shrimp”, the body’s immune system is opened under the interference of external forces.

As a result, health and medicine have formed a vicious circle to a certain extent – the more developed the medicine, the more health problems. So, in order to stop this cycle, we must consider the body’s own laws, eat less ice cream and cold drinks.At the same time, the food is constantly supplemented with yang, and the potential of our self-healing power is fully utilized to make it a true protector of our health.


Moxibustion essence: stimulate self-healing power!

Is there a way to enhance and restore the body’s original healing power?

The answer is yes, that is moxibustion.

1 Inspire the best human function!

Moxibustion penetrates the meridians through the surface of the skin, and the viscera penetrates the energy. Its direct action can disperse the cold chills, warm the meridians, and all kinds of disease symptoms of blood stasis can be alleviated and eliminated.

However, its essential role lies in the moxibustion method. By stimulating acupuncture points, moxibustion heat dissipates the meridians, supplements the body with yang, nourishes the organs, strengthens the body, improves the self-repair of the body, and defends the self-healing power and immunity.

In fact, the moxibustion method is a kind of stimulation and catalysis. The effect reflects the normal function of the human body (self-healing ability), and no toxic side effects of any drugs appear!

2 overall adjustment, full of surprises!

We all know that moxibustion can regulate many diseases, cervical spondylosis, arthritis, and irregular menstruation, and other common problems such as gynecology, spleen and stomach deficiency, etc. These are the use of moxibustion to clear the meridians and promote the principle of qi and blood.The result, however, is even more amazing is that when we use moxibustion to condition a disease, there are many other unexpected surprises!
For example, when a patient moxibusted low back pain, he accidentally found that his urinary frequency was significantly improved.
In fact, this is not a magical moxibustion method. It is mainly through the moxibustion method to stimulate the body’s self-healing system. These “magic” effects are actually the result of self-treatment within the human body.

3 moxibustion = rest + exercise + nutrition + mentality Modern medical research has fully confirmed that the effect of moxibustion on the human body is equivalent to the effect of a person’s rest, exercise, nutrition, and mentality.

Moxibustion supplements yang, dredges meridians, promotes blood circulation to nourish the viscera, and stimulates and strengthens the function of spleen and kidney through warming the spleen and kidney, so that the congenital kidney and acquired spleen are obtained.Very good upgrade.

At the same time, moxibustion pays attention to relaxation and concentration. The mentality needs to be quiet and relieved. This makes the harmony of the blood and the organs of the meridians harmonious, and also achieves deep harmony between the mind and the body. It is a kind of life-keeping method.

Through routine moxibustion, we can avoid or reduce the occurrence of diseases, and even remove the disease from the source to achieve the purpose of treating the disease.

In short, the role of moxibustion is essentially to improve and rehabilitate the “self-healing power” that our body originally had.

Through the moxibustion of forensic energy release, we can eliminate the pain in the short-term, we can improve, recover, protect and protect our body from the body, so that we can play a role, so that we are less sick, not sick!


How to use moxibustion to improve self-healing power?

Since self-healing power can abstract the adult’s righteousness and yang, then to supplement it, of course, we must focus on moxibustion, some yang, and acupuncture points to improve immunity, stimulate self-healing power, and reserve energy for winter.When you get there, you can get sick and get less shots.

Supporting righteousness, inspiring self-healing power, basic acupoints: Dazhui tube life gate, Shenshu Zhonglu foot Sanli Yongquan above a few points are very common, but can stimulate self-healing power, some diseases we can not adjust, such asCancer, chronic diseases that are constantly recurring, you can try to moxibustion, because they are the key points of supplementing vitality. The common feature is that after moxibustion, it can help the righteousness, qi and blood, and activate self-healing power.

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White-collar workers should use a confident smile to win the workplace

White-collar workers should use a confident smile to win the workplace

Determining the workplace is not just an effort. The important thing is the ability.

As a white-collar woman, the ability to double-office skills, the following four should also be included in your ability category.

  Smile: The smile of the skull can not only convey the joy of the heart, but also a beautiful gift to others.

An optimistic and brilliant smile both delights itself and delights everyone around you.

  Self-confidence: Get up every morning, finish the grooming, and read aloud to the woman in the mirror: “My skin is very healthy, my smile is very cute, my life is very good.

“A psychologist said that this is one of the means to regulate self-emotion.”

  Balance: If you can use all aspects of the human body in a “balanced” way at work, you will be indifferent.

For example, the balance between mental and physical strength; the balance between the abstract thinking of the left brain and the image of the right brain; the balance of standing, sitting, walking; balancing with the eyes and the ears.

This will enable the physical and psychological functional potential to be fully utilized and beneficial to both physical and mental health.

  Leisure: Many professional women are no less than men in their desire for success.

Women must remember that career success is not a one-off event. We must reasonably arrange our own lives and ensure that work and life are relaxed.

To give yourself a space to relax, no matter what your military is, you must ensure at least one day of leisure time per week.

Precautions should be paid attention to during the horror season: anti-epidemic allergy

Precautions should be paid attention to during the horror season: anti-epidemic allergy

March 5th is a horror, and the horror is one of the 24 solar terms. It is a horror every year when the sun runs to 345 degrees of the Yellow River.

After the horror, the recovery of all things is the season of spring blossoms, but when various viruses and bacteria are active, the health should be followed by the rise of yang, the characteristics of all things.

So, what should you pay attention to during the horror season?

Below, let’s take a look at the small series.

The horror season health care should follow the three major points, diet 1, eat more diet plant protein, vitamins, light food, horror, the weather is obviously warmer, the diet should be warm and dull, and should be smooth, help the temper, make the five internal organspeace.

Should eat more edible plant protein, vitamins light food, fresh vegetables, such as spring bamboo shoots, spinach, celery, chicken, eggs, milk, duck blood, aloe, water radish, bitter gourd, fungus, rape, yam, lotus seeds, white fungus and other foods.

2, eat more pears in the horror season, warm and cold, the climate is relatively dry, it is easy to make the population dry and cough.

The pear is cold and sweet, has the effect of moistening the lungs and relieving cough, nourishing yin and clearing heat. The folks have the custom of eating pears.

Pears eat a lot, some raw food, steamed, juiced, roasted or boiled water.

3, after eating animal feces food horror, the weather will be significantly warmer, the light of the food itself is the metabolism, therefore, it is recommended to eat more spring bamboo shoots, celery and other crude fiber vegetables have a good effect on gastrointestinal motility.

Greasy foods should be eaten as little as possible, and irritating foods such as peppers, onions, and peppers should be eaten less.

Second, exercise article 1, exercise should also pay attention to warmth and horror, the temperature difference between morning and evening is very large, it is easy to cause illness when warm and cold, so exercise should also pay attention to keep warm, especially the warmth of joints is very important, in order to protect yourself from the cold.
2, after the fog dissipates and then go out to exercise convulsions, the fog is relatively large in the morning, it is easy to cause respiratory diseases, because the temperature in the morning is still generally low, so people who want to practice early is better to wait for the sun to hang high, the fog will dissipate, the temperatureAfter going up, go out and exercise.

3, the exercise intensity should be moderate due to the winter just passed, due to long-term non-exercise, start exercise should be moderate, do not suddenly ask your own amount of exercise to a degree, and slowly increase the amount of exercise.

Third, the disease prevention article 1, anti-cold horror to, “spring thunder, everything long”, this time, the temperature rises faster, the spring is getting stronger, but there are still cold air from time to time, there may be “cold spring”.

Therefore, at this time, people should pay more attention to keep warm, according to the weather changes, add and subtract clothes at any time, you can wear shawls in the morning and evening, to avoid the invasion of cold and moisture, to prevent colds.

2, anti-arthritis knee osteoarthritis is caused by wind, cold, wet three evils invade the muscles of the human body surface, so that the blood flow is not smooth, if there is “falling cold”, people with knee arthritis feel soreObviously, these people can usually wear knee pads or smoke the knee joints with moxa.

3, anti-gastrointestinal disease “stunned spring thunder stunned”.

After the horror, everything revived, spring blossoms, and the season of various viruses and bacteria.

People should pay more attention to the “stomach” to protect the “intestines” and prevent gastrointestinal diseases.

It is best not to eat carbonized food. If there is added food, it should be eaten hot.

The family should prepare some drugs for gastrointestinal diseases.

4, after the epidemic convulsions, it is also the season of epidemic diseases, such as flu, meningitis, chickenpox, herpes zoster, hepatitis A and so on.

At this time, it is best to have a diet, pay attention to family, personal hygiene, wash hands frequently, and open the window.

Frail and sick people, especially children, it is best not to go to places with lots of people.

5, hypoallergenic If you want to go out on the outing, you should pay attention to prevent pollen allergies, people who are susceptible to pollen allergies, it is best to know what kind of flower allergies, and actively avoid allergens.

We must know the secrets of coarse grains

We must know the secrets of coarse grains

The winter is coming, the temperature is low, the days are short and the night is long, the human activities are relatively reduced, and the appetite is increased.

When we use the diet to increase the speed to resist the resistance to the cold.

Don’t just ignore the appetite and ignore the conditioning and maintenance of the body.

Life Family Xiaobian specially collects all kinds of dietary health information suitable for the winter, so that you and your family can be healthy and happy every day!

  The refinement and refinement of modern life has become the cause of many nutritional diseases.

Diabetes, gout, high blood pressure, colon cancer, obesity, etc. are gradually threatening human health.

Eating proper coarse grains can prevent diseases.

The coarse grains mainly include corn in the cereal, millet, purple rice, sorghum, oats, buckwheat, wheat bran and various dried beans.

However, if too much coarse grains are likely to be harmful to human health.

  People with poor gastrointestinal function have a weaker gastrointestinal function. Eating too much dietary fiber is a big burden on metabolism.

  People with calcium and iron deficiency will have a combination of phytic acid and dietary fiber, which will form a precipitate and hinder the body’s absorption of minerals.

  People with digestive diseases may have venous rupture and ulcer bleeding if they have cirrhosis of the esophageal varices or gastric ulcer.

  If people with low immunity consume more than 50 grams of cellulose per day, the replacement of human protein is blocked, and the accumulation of individuals is reduced, causing damage to organs, heart, blood and other organs, reducing the body’s immunity.

  In the growth and development of adolescents due to the special needs of growth and development of nutrients and energy and physiological requirements for hormone levels, coarse grains can prevent metabolic absorption and its conversion into hormones, but also prevent the absorption and utilization of nutrients.

  Older people and children have digestive functions in the elderly, and their digestive function is not perfect. Digesting a large amount of dietary fiber is a great burden on the body.

Moreover, the absorption and utilization rate of nutrients are relatively low, which is not conducive to the growth and development of children.

Don’t squint when playing badminton

Don’t squint when playing badminton

Spring is here, and the number of people playing badminton has increased.

For those who do not exercise regularly, especially for long-term work, it is best not to squint when playing badminton.

  When playing badminton, the upward movement is a common action when jumping and retreating to catch the ball.

In doing this, “Because of the bending, the neck extension angle increases, and unless the load is re-adjusted, it may cause some damage to this and insertion if it is slightly inadvertent.

“So, when playing at close range, the ball over the top of the head, do not squint, the back arch hips to catch the ball, so as not to cause injury.

  In fact, not only badminton, tennis, squash and other ball games need to pay attention.

To avoid this kind of sports injury, you can’t ignore warm-up activities.

  When you warm up, you need to balance the neck and shoulder muscles.

Preheating the neck and shoulder muscles can be used as a head-wound movement. Do not move this movement too fast, so that the muscles supporting the cervical vertebrae are moderately stretched.

  Stretching the back muscles is also very simple. Lift your arms first, and bend your arms with the shoulders as the center of the circle to make a vertical downward arc, exhale, then stagnate, then draw the inhalation, and warm up during the process.Exhibition, keep the broad movement behind.

This effectively relaxes and stretches the buttocks muscles.

It’s wrong to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day – the expert gives you a water schedule

Is it wrong to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day?

Experts give you a water timetable

Recently, in the new version of the “Chinese Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents and the Balanced Diet Pagoda of Chinese Residents” issued by the Chinese Nutrition Society, water content has also been added. It is recommended to drink 1200 ml per day, about 6 cups.

The expert responsible for writing the drinking section of the guide said, “Usually we say 1 cup of water, about 200 ml, which counts about 6 glasses of water.

In the case of high temperature, strong physical labor, and large amount of exercise, it is necessary to increase it appropriately.

Experts said that the reason why 1200 ml is recommended is because there are three main sources of water intake: 50% of drinking water, 40% of water consumed by food in three meals, and 10% of water produced by metabolism in the body.

  First, healthy adults need about 2,500 milliliters of water a day.

Take an ordinary adult as an example. If his three meals are normal, the army is a light physical activity. You can get 1000 ml of water, protein, sugar and trace metabolism from food to about 300 ml per day.Under mild climate conditions, as long as the water reaches 1200 ml per day, the balance of water in the body can be guaranteed.

  The amount of water varies from person to person. The flexible use of the Department of Gastroenterology, Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, Shi Xianyan, the chief physician, pointed out that each person absorbs other amounts of water from food, such as love does not like soup, eat fruit, exercise and sweating, etc.Then use it flexibly according to the actual situation.

Some people usually drink more water, they may need to drink 10 cups to quench their thirst, then there is no need to limit to 8 cups. Some people usually drink less water, so it is enough to ensure the basic drinking capacity of 6 cups.

  Many people think that drinking water is not good, and drinking more water is healthy. Actually, it is not the case. Because the water ingested by the human body has always come from ingestion, the soup, the fruits and the vegetables all contain water, and there is a food such as rice and bread.Quantitative moisture, as long as it is enough.

  If you are thirsty, you can drink water. If you are not thirsty, you don’t have to drink. This is a lot of people who are often too busy to drink even water. Some people think that when they are thirsty, they can drink water. If they are not thirsty, they don’t have to drink.

Shi Xianyan pointed out that this is not right.

“Thirsty” is a signal that the body is seriously deficient in water. Water is more important than food. All biochemical reactions in the human body must involve water. Otherwise, metabolism will cause obstacles and lead to sub-health.

Therefore, we should promote active drinking water, develop a good habit of regular drinking water, drink water without thirst, and don’t wait for “thirst” to drink water.

  The most important person in the “first cup of water” every day is in 24 hours. The most serious time of water shortage is in the morning, and the morning is also the high time period of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Therefore, it is very important to drink the first glass of water in the morning.And reduce the role of myocardial infarction and stroke.

  And this first cup of water is best with fresh boiled water.

Shi Xianyan pointed out that some people think that drinking a cup of light salt water in the morning can clean the mouth and have a laxative effect.

In fact, this understanding is not entirely correct.

Because people have been sleeping for a night, the blood has become sticky.

  The first cup of water is still on an empty stomach. Drinking a cup of light salt water in the morning will aggravate the phenomenon of high leakage, and it will not replace the blood quickly. Moreover, in the morning, it is the first peak of blood pressure, and the salt water will further increase blood pressure and increase.The incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, so the first cup of water to drink in the morning is preferably boiled water.

  The first cup of water is best to drink on an empty stomach. It is to drink after getting up. At the latest, it should be drunk before breakfast. Otherwise, it will not receive the effect of promoting blood circulation, scouring the stomach and preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

In addition, don’t drink too fast, drink a small mouthful.

Drinking too fast can sometimes cause blood pressure to drop or cerebral edema, leading to discomfort such as nausea and vomiting.

  Drinking water schedule 6:30 After a whole night’s sleep, the body begins to lack water, and when you get up, drink 250 ml of water to help detoxify the kidneys and kidneys.

  From 8:30 in the morning, from the time of getting up to the office, the time is always very tight, the mood is also tight, and the body will be dehydrated invisibly, so when you get to the office, don’t rush to make coffee, give yourself a cup of water at least 250 ml.!

  After 11:00 work in the air-conditioned room, you must pick up your body and move to the third cup of water in the day to replenish the lost water and reduce the stressful work mood!

  After half an hour of lunch at 12:50, drink some water to strengthen your body’s digestive function.

  15:00 Take a cup of healthy mineral water instead of refreshing drinks such as tea and coffee!

Can refresh and refresh.

  Before leaving the office at 17:30, drink another glass of water to increase the feeling of fullness. When you have dinner, you will not overeating.

  22:00 30 minutes before going to bed – 1 hour and then drink a glass of water!

I have already taken 2000 ml of water today.

But don’t drink too much, so as not to affect the quality of sleep at night.

The living environment of the elderly is not too high.

The living environment of the elderly is not too high.

Older people need a more comfortable environment than young people.

The room is the place where they stay the most in a day. It is clean and comfortable, which directly affects the health of the elderly.

The physical condition of middle-aged and elderly people is not lower than before, and the functions of all aspects are declining. Therefore, they are particularly sensitive to some things, so the living conditions of the elderly are relatively strict.

  Color: The bedroom is a place to sleep. Many old people suffer from insomnia, so the bedroom is mainly warm, and the dull color should stimulate the loneliness of the elderly.

The warmth of high brightness can almost improve the brightness of the room, create a harmonious way, and make the old man feel cheerful and energetic, helping to delay aging and maintain youthful vitality.

  Layout: Old people have the habit of getting up at night. If the bedroom is too far from the toilet, the old man will be at risk of falling.

Therefore, you should choose a room close to the toilet for the elderly.

Keep clean from the bedroom to the toilet, and don’t put too much debris.

The old bed should be a hard bed, which can be placed in multiple layers to avoid hunchback.

  Comfort: The old man’s bedroom must be equipped with windows. Before going to bed at night, open the window for 30 minutes to keep the indoor air convection and keep the room fresh air.

Air conditioning is also a must for the bedroom.

In the winter, the old man is afraid of cold. You can turn on the air conditioner before going to bed, and turn it off when you sleep.

  Cleanliness: The old man’s bedroom generally only sleeps, generally does not feel dirty.

However, the elderly have reduced immunity and reduced disease resistance, so the bedroom should be cleaned regularly and disinfected regularly.

  Greening: People are old, prefer a quiet environment, choose a large balcony just for the elderly to sunbathe on the balcony and drink tea.

Then put a few pots of flowers that the elderly like on the balcony, can add life to the elderly, and make life full of vitality and vitality.

  Lighting: The old man’s room is the most attention to lighting.

A well-lit bedroom can almost increase the brightness of the room. Good lighting can improve the living environment and have certain benefits for the health of the elderly.

  The old man should not live too high. The current grading is getting higher and higher. The high level is called the series noise, and the vision is wide. Every day, getting up has a feeling of condescending.

However, if there are elderly people in the family, it is recommended not to choose a level that is too high.

Some old people are used to low indicators, and suddenly live too high, there will be dizziness.

Coupled with the constant use of elevators every day, it is extremely unfavorable for those who have heart disease and cerebral thrombosis.

So if there is an old man at home, 7?
The 10th floor is the ideal choice.

  The physical health of the elderly is linked to the happiness of the whole family. No matter whether there is time to accompany the elderly or not, it is also a filial piety for you to create a comfortable environment for the elderly.

There are many centenarians in Changshou Village, and the 80-year-old sons have secrets of health care.

There are many centenarians in Changshou Village, and the 80-year-old sons have secrets of health care.

Anecdote story Wang Xiang is a reporter for a TV station.

On this day, the TV station received the news that there was a Xiwang Village in the suburbs. There were several old people there, more than seventy, but each had extraordinary efforts.

The TV station leader felt that the material was quite good and sent Wang Xiang to interview.

Xiwang Village is a small village in the outer suburbs.

The mountain road was steep, and the driver of the interview car opened for a long time before seeing the boundary pillar of “Xiwang Village”

The more forward, the harder the road was, and finally Wang Xiang was forced to park on a muddy road.

Wang Xiang and an intern reporter and driver both got off the bus and pushed the car forward, and the car didn’t move.

The three people made a fuss and looked around. There was no such thing as a deep mountain.

There is no way, Wang Xiang shouted and shouted.

After shouting for a long time, the three men were so tired that they squatted on the ground and gasped. At this moment, a voice suddenly came: “Come!

“The voice was clear and loud, and Wang Xiang couldn’t help but feel the spirit. From afar, I saw someone ran over. When I came closer, I saw it. It was an old man.”

The old man asked Wang Xiang: “What are you doing?

“Wang Xiang said that he was traveling, not familiar with the road, and got stuck in the car.”

The old man said, “I will call you a few people.

When he spoke, he shouted: “A few guys, all come, there is a car stuck in.”

“The voice spread all the way, like a screaming out with a horn.”

In a short while, I saw two people running from afar.

The pace of the two was very fast. On the mountain road, if they were close, Wang Xiang only saw it. It turned out that the two old people seemed to be seventy.

Wang Xiang is a little discouraged. These young people are not pushing cars. Are they not in vain?

Wang Xiang said to the old man who said the words: “Grandfather, can you call two young people again?”

This car is quite heavy.

The old man shook his head and said, “No, we three will do.”

The old man shouting said to two companions: “Old man, take the handle and push the car out.”

“He said that he pushed the car’s buttocks, and the two old men also came over. The three old men shouted: “Go–” The interview car actually moved, and Wang Xiang looked at them.

The driver rushed into the car and added a gas pedal. The car came out.

After the car came out, Wang Xiang said to the three old people: “Come up, I am going to your village.”

“The three old people said that they walked and led Wang Xiang.”

Wang Xiang, they got into the car, and the three old men trotting all the way in front of the car, they actually took the interview car down.

Wang Xiang’s trip was to interview an old man with kung fu. He thought: Is this three?

Looking at their performance, their skills are absolutely not ordinary.

Interview with the car and turn into the West King Village.

After getting off the bus, the old man who called out asked Wang Xiang to sit at home.

After sitting down, Wang Xiang said the identity of the reporter and proposed to interview the old man.

The old man who shouted laughed and said, “What do I have to interview?

“Wang Xiang said: “The one you just shouted, and the strength of your cart, it is not normal, we young people can’t do it!”

What kind of skills do you usually practice, and what kind of methods of self-cultivation do not hinder the presentation. The audience in front of the TV is very concerned.
The old man still said nothing, and said that he did not have the time.

At this time, I only heard someone in the back room shouting: “Children, who is it?”
The old man turned back and said to the house: “Mother, it is a reporter from the TV station.”

“Wang Xiang is a little surprised. The old man is so old, and there is a aging mother. He wants to see the old lady, and the old man will lead him in.”

Although the old lady was lying in bed, her face was very rosy, and she knew that her body was very good.

Wang Xiang leaned down to ask the old lady: “Grandma, how old are you this year?

The old lady hooked her index finger into a “9” shape and said, “Ninety-nine!”

“Wang Xiang asked again: “What do you usually eat?

“The old lady is not as covert as her son, but she is talking about sweet potatoes, corn and the like, and nothing surprising.”

When Wang Xiang withdrew, the old man who shouted quietly said to Wang Xiang that his mother was one hundred and three years old. The villagers said that they were a hundred years old, and that his mother said that it was ninety-nine. It has been said for several years.

Wang Xiang asked the old man about their hard work. The old man hesitated and said, “You should first interview the other two old folks. Come back and tell me.”

“Wang Xiang did not ask to speak, but had to go to another two elderly people to visit.

When I saw it, the good guy, an old man stood in the yard and lifted the stone lock. The stone lock looked like a hundred pounds, but the old man held it like playing; the other old man was not idle, in the yard.Running around, Wang Xiang saw that he had turned around around the yard, but he did not breathe at all.

Wang Xiang is more convinced that there must be no mysterious work in this mountain village.

He walked into the yard and interviewed the old man. The two old people, like the old ones before, did not want to say more.

Even more coincidentally, Wang Xiang found that the parents of these two old people are also alive, and they are over 100 years old.

Wang Xiang left the black man and returned to the old man.

He said to the old man: “I guess the hard work of all three of you must be related to your parents.

Don’t talk to me anymore, don’t tell me, I’m going crazy.

The old man yelled and said, “You really want to know, I will tell you.”

You have been in the village for a long time. Have you found anything unusual?

Wang Xiang thought for a moment and shook his head.

The old man said: “There are no young people in our village. Didn’t you notice?

“Wang Xiang remembered this. He turned around in the village for a long time. He really didn’t run into a young man. He was an old man and a child.”

Wang Xiang tempted to ask: “Those young people.” The old man said: “Young people are out.

When they leave, the burden on the family falls on our heads. We don’t exercise our bodies well!

Wang Xiang understood that the young people in the village went out to work, leaving only the elderly and children.

These old people should have enjoyed their old age. Now they have the pillars of their homes. They are old and small. They have to exercise. Is this the reason why these old people are stunted?

The old man saw Wang Xiang’s confused look and sighed and said: “Not only for this, but there is still something that is hard to say. You must know, I will say it.

“It turned out that there is a custom in this mountain village. After the death of the old man, it is necessary to do heavy sorrow. Especially when the old man who is over 100 years old has passed away, the funeral will be even more solemn. It is necessary to use the good coffin wood to decorate the old man.The relatives carried the coffin head and personally carried it to the grave.

The coffin usually has a few hundred kilograms of weight, plus there are more than two miles to the ancestral grave. Who is going to carry this coffin, it is enough!

There are also customs in the village that call for funeral. The farther the voice is, the better. Nothing can be done without a good voice.

According to the rules, if the son of the deceased is older and cannot lift the coffin, he will be carried by the grandson.

But now the young people are out, and when they go out, they can’t leave, so the elderly who are still alive in the village have a kind of worry. They are afraid that if they arrive that day, they can’t take it.

So, they exercised secretly in the dark, just in time for them to complete the task.

But this kind of thing is not good enough to say that it makes people look at mysterious secrets.

This is the secret of the “Kung Fu” in the village.

Wang Xiang listened, there is a kind of unspeakable taste in my heart. After Wang Xiang’s intense interview and editing, a few days later, a piece of news finally aired.

The theme of the news is: a village with only the elderly, correcting an ancient custom.After the news broadcast, it immediately caused a heated discussion among the whole society. Some people said that those old customs should be broken. But more people think that young people are going out to work, throwing old people at home, and who cares about the elderly.What?

Since Wang Xiang finished the news, he has never been to Xiwangcun.

He did not know whether there was a change in the current Xiwang Village. Those young people who were working outside, after seeing the news, did they come back to see their old people. Author Wang Naifei

Frost Drop Health Food: When the autumn falls, it will become a cream, and it will nourish the good time.

Frost Drop Health Food: When the autumn falls, it will become a cream, and it will nourish the good time.

The frost on tomorrow is the last solar term in the fall.

Starting from the early summer and bitter summer, the autumn table is full of rich meat and stew. In the cool and dry weather, a bowl of hot soup, warm and nourishing, is always very comfortable.

In this way, people step by step to the autumn, slowly accumulate energy enough to warm the winter.

At the same time, multiple foods are also in the best time of consumption in a year.

“The sorghum is in the valley, the frost has fallen to the radish”, “the frost is orange and sweet”. Once the frost is applied, the grapes, oranges and other fruits are sweeter, and even the radish has a sweet taste.

The crabs are full of yellow and all kinds of seafood are also in the most fat period.

The best beef, also known as the frosted beef (although it has nothing to do with frost).

Ever since, it has ushered in a small peak of tonic.

There are proverbs to prove that “one year to make up the pass, it is better to make up the frost.”

Dry autumn is easy to cough, frost tonic, to keep warm lungs, spleen and stomach, should eat more porridge soup.

Meat, supplements need not say, fruits and vegetables are mainly pears, lotus roots, Chinese yam, medlar, radish, lily, ginkgo, cabbage, white fungus, grapefruit, pomegranate, chestnut, persimmon, apple, olive, etc.
Excipients have a versatile health handicraft, red dates, honey, and finally a scent of sweet-scented osmanthus, full of autumn flavor.

Based on the appeal of “Autumn Needs to Replenish”, we carefully selected recipes using seasonal ingredients and prepared two nourishing food orders.

A cheap version of the food list, most of the ingredients can be bought in the market, the budget does not exceed 100 yuan, is a home-made side dish, wins in slow fire and stew, but also adjustable strength.

The effect is mild, suitable for both young and old.

The luxury version of the food list, mostly tonics, the effect is significant, especially suitable for people who are weak or seriously ill, it is recommended to consult a doctor for consumption.

There are so many foods in the world to make up, and they will continue to live in the winter.

Deluxe Edition 1, rock candy bird’s nest 1 bird’s nest soaked in pure water for about 8 hours, change water 2-3 times in the middle, pick up fine hair after immersion, then tear the bird’s nest along the lines into thin strips 2 drain the water, the bird’s nest, the right amount of rock sugarPut in the stew pot, add the right amount of pure water, just dipped in the bird’s nest, you can put the stew pot on a piece, put it into the soup pot, the water in the pot to the 1/2 of the stew pot, the fire is boiled and turned into a small fire.Stew for 30 minutes, a small amount of foam on the surface of the bird’s nest, a little boiling, sticky and egg white flavor can be 2, millet sea cucumber porridge 1 millet washed, sea cucumber cut, ginger shredded 2 soup pot plus enough water, add millet after boilingAfter the pan, add the sea cucumber slices and ginger, cook for about 30 minutes, add the appropriate amount of salt, sesame oil, and chopped green onion to taste. 3, Cordyceps stewed duck 1 duck removes hair and internal organs, wash, remove water, drain, cutBlock 2 Cordyceps washed with warm water, and cut duck, ginger, scallion into the pot 3 add water, salt, pepper, rice wine, simmer for 3 hours or so on the small fire 4, Matsutake stewed chicken 1 Matsutake washNet section 2 Wash the chicken, put it in boiling water, remove it, and remove it into the pot.3 add water, ginger, onion knot, pine mushroom, change to a small fire after boiling, stew until the chicken is soft, the fragrance of the pine mushroom overflows, about 4 hours or so can be 5, stone 斛 胶 胶 瘦 1 1 1 1 1Cut into small pieces; wash the pig’s lean meat, cut into 2 pieces of rubber and add wine for 1 hour, set a little boil in boiling water, cut all the materials together with ginger into the stew, add appropriate amount of water, separateStew in water for 2 hours, season with salt, 6, papaya, squid, squid, snow, oil, foam, white, translucent, spare 2 papaya, clean the outer skin, cut 2/5 at the top, and cut the papaya into jaggedDig out the nucleus and cockroaches, add the papaya to the stew, add the rock sugar and water together, then add the squid oil for half an hour, add the fresh milk, wait until it rolls, roll it into the papaya, add 4 papaya, cover it, and insert it with a toothpick.Solid wood melon cover, stewed in water until the water is opened for about 20 minutes. 7, ginseng chicken soup 1 chicken washed and cut into small pieces, ginseng washed clean, ginger slices 2 all materials into the pot, add appropriate amount of water, addAdd the soup to the pot before adding the pot, and then take a few minutes to start the pot.芝Big bone soup 1 Ganoderma lucidum washed into a block, ribs washed with water 2 Ganoderma lucidum, ribs into the pot, add appropriate amount of aniseed, ginger, red dates 3 fires boiled and then simmered for half an hour, 9, frosted beef1 beef cut thick slices 2 grilled net preheated to the right temperature, roast beef slices, grilled one side and then flipped to roast the other side, to the two sides with a slight scorch mark 3 蘸 salt and pepper / homemade sauces eat cheap version 1, Tremella lotus seeds1 Tremella with warm water to soak, wash; jujube, lotus seeds washed 2 white fungus and lotus seeds into the pot, add appropriate amount of water 3 fire boiled to medium heat stew, 15 minutes later, put red dates and rock sugar, change to small fire stew4 simmer for 15 minutes, the broth becomes sticky, and the scented osmanthus can be dried. 2, chicken stewed mushrooms 1 Wash dried mushrooms and pine mushrooms, soak for half an hour; chicken cuts, washed2 hot oil pan stir-fried chicken, add onion ginger, dried red pepper, aniseed, fragrant leaves, soy sauce, flavored sugar, cooking wine, salt 3, add water that has not passed the chicken, boil over medium heat,, simmer the froth, stew for 10 minutes, 4 add the mushroom, soak for 30 minutes, until the soup is thick.即3, nourishing fish soup 1 squid wash, apply a little salt, pepper; fish belly stuffed with shallots, ginger, marinated for 10 minutes 2 will fry the pan to heat the oil, a piece of ginger under the musk, the squid into the potIn the middle, fry until double-sided yellowish coke 3 add enough water, the amount of rice wine, boil the pot and turn to medium heat to continue to cook until the soup thick 4 with a small amount of salt, pepper seasoning, sprinkle a scallions can be 4,Soybean trotters 1 Soybean in advance, soaked in pig’s trotters, washed with ginger, sliced in 2 pots, boiled in water, placed in pig’s trotters, cooking wine, drained in water, drained in 3 frying pans, until oilyGinger slices, stir-fried with trotters, add into the casserole, add water, soy beans, stew for about 30 minutes with low heat until the soup is white, add some salt, pepper seasoning 5, corn ribs soup 1 ribs cut, clean; cornCut the carrots into sections, wash all the ingredients into the pot, add some simmer, jujube, enough water, boil over medium heat, simmer for about 30 minutes, add salt, pepper seasoning, sprinkle with diced green onion6, 6, Sydney Lily porridge 1 糯 rice wash clean, lily washed, pear washed and cut into small pieces 2 pots add appropriate amount of water, put pear和Lily, cover and start to cook 3 water to boil, pour the glutinous rice into it, stir it with a spoon, prevent the glutinous rice sticking pot 4 from boiling, cook for 15 minutes on low heat, put the rock sugar into it, and cook for another 5 minutes.Yam lotus root ribs soup 1 all materials washed, yam peeled and diced, corn cut, lotus root peeled diced, ribs smashed, simmered into the blood 2 put all the materials into the pot, add appropriate amount of water, boilTurn to low heat for about 1 hour, add salt, diced green onion, sesame oil to taste. 8, radish and mutton soup 1 mutton to fascia, cut small squares, boiling water and drain; radish peeled and washed, cut into diamond pieces 2 muttonIn the pot, add appropriate amount of onion, ginger, plenty of water, 3 boil, turn to low heat, stew for 30 minutes or so. 4 Add the chopped radish and cook until the mutton is cooked. Finally, season with salt and pepper.Chestnut 1 chestnut cleaned, cut the chestnut skin with a knife and cut 2 chestnuts into a microwave container, cover with a venting hole, heat for 2 minutes and remove 3, put a teaspoon of cooking oil and a smallSpoon sugar, then sprinkle some dried osmanthus, cover the lid and shake it 4 times入Microwave covered, heated about two minutes Tips: affordable health lore – to exercise his walk?
What are the frostbite nourishing foods in your heart?

Long-term use of alarms is not good for health

Long-term use of alarms is not good for health

Every day, the bed is irritated by an alarm. Some people are upset, the sound is too irritating, and it may cause diseases such as cardiovascular, digestive system and endocrine.

  Shi Ming, chief physician of Shanghai sleep expert, said that the irritating alarm of sound penetration is easy to cause shock, cause vasoconstriction, accelerate heartbeat, induce cardiovascular or cerebral arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarction, etc.

  Irritating ringing will make the nervous system become highly stressed, causing faster bowel movements, which may lead to indigestion, bad appetite, constipation or diarrhea.

  In addition, due to long-term awakening in the stimulation, the internal secretion system is prone to distortion and confusion, which may lead to irregular menstruation and easy sweating.

  The alarm will affect people’s emotions and make people feel refreshed after awakening.

In the long run, it is easy to worry, not focused, depressed, or even insomnia.

  Shi Ming suggested that it is best to set the ringtone to a slower, slower, and less loud sound.

In addition, the alarm should not be placed next to or under the pillow, and should be placed on low furniture 1 meter away from the pillow.

Shi Ming also pointed out that don’t use mobile phones to make alarms, because in addition to the above-mentioned problems, a new study in the United States also pointed out that mobile phones will increase the radiation intensity.

  “Keeping the normal biological clock, it’s best to wake up on time every day.

“Shi Ming said that every day to develop the habit of sleeping on time, going to bed early and getting up early, try to stay up late, do not drink alcohol for 1 hour before going to bed, read and eat spicy food, less stimulating TV programs and Internet access, can adjust the biological clock.