[How to eat Di San Xian]_ Di San Xian _ How to make _ How to make

[How to eat Di San Xian]_ Di San Xian _ How to make _ How to make

Di San Xian needs to prepare some eggplants, potatoes, green peppers, green onions, garlic, etc. when preparing, and also needs some broth, because it mixes some vegetables that you like to eat, and then makes it more authentic, but alsoIt can be made according to our matching, and they are all very delicious.

Ingredients Eggplant, potatoes, green peppers, oil, shallots, garlic, broth, soy sauce, sugar, salt, water powder method 1.

Peel eggplants and potatoes and cut into hob pieces; green peppers are hand-rolled into small pieces; 2.

Pour more oil into the pot. When 70% is hot, put the potato pieces first, fry them into golden yellow, and remove them when they are slightly transparent; 3.

Then pour the eggplant into the oil pan, fry until golden brown, add the green pepper cubes and lift up together; 4.

Use a small amount of hot oil to scallion and garlic, add broth, soy sauce, sugar, salt, eggplant, potatoes and green pepper cubes slightly; 5.

Add the aquatic powder over the fire and collect the juice.

Ingredients: 100g eggplant, 100g potatoes, 100g green pepper Ingredients: appropriate amount of oil, salt, sugar, starch, vinegar, soy sauce, chicken essence, 3 garlic methods1, prepare eggplant potatoes and green peppers.

2. Wash the eggplant and cut into hob pieces.

Eggplants are marinated for 5 minutes.

(Do not add more salt, it will be salty.

The child should feel salty.

3.) Peel the potatoes and cut them into the same size as the eggplant.

4, cut the green peppers into pieces.

Chop garlic into minced garlic.

5. Take a bowl and add soy sauce salt sugar sugar starch starch chicken essence and a small amount of water to blend into the juice.

6. Put the potatoes into the pan and fry until the surface is crusted, and use the chopsticks to pierce through.

Remove the drained oil.

(If the oil does not leak well, it will be bad when copying) 7. Squeeze out the soup, add dry starch and stir well, so that the eggplant can be evenly covered with dry starch.

8. Fry the eggplant into the pan and fry until golden, and remove the oil.

9. Leave the base oil to explode the crushed garlic.

Pour in the sauce and boil until thick.

10. Pour in eggplant and potato bell peppers.

Quickly stir fry evenly, so that each ingredient is evenly wrapped in soup.